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Want to know the secret behind our 100% Partner Visa success rate?

💡 Did you know that 53.8% of all Partner visa applications lodged are refused? (Dept. Immigration, FY15/16 FOI request)

Why? Because almost every criteria is vague and discretionary. A single case officer decides if your relationship is 'genuine and continuing', based solely on your application. 


Luckily, we have two former-Immigration officers on the team. They've reviewed hundreds of applications, and investigated dozens of migration fraud cases.


So we know what the red flags are, and how to make your application as strong as possible. 

This is the secret to our 100% success rate - yes, EVERY SINGLE partner visa application of ours has been approved! 


We would love to share our secrets with you. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us. We'll assess your situation and show you how to maximise your chances. 

Get your questions answered by a partner visa expert with 100% success today!

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We’ll prepare your application, help make it a strong application, lodge it for you, and deal with Immigration on your behalf.


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We’ll handle all correspondence from immigration and send you regular updates. You can also call/email us at any time. We’ll call you + deliver the visa straight to your inbox as soon as it's ready!

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