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189 Visa: August Invitations & What You Should Do Now

Australian Immigration News

Immigration has just released the invitation round for this month for the 189 visa. Only 110 invitations have been sent out in August as opposed to 500 in July.

Why have only a few invitations been sent out? What does this mean for you?

See below to see what our migration agents and experts in skilled migration have to say.


It appears that these August invitations have only been issued for critical occupations only, as no invitations were issued for common occupations. Although invitations are expected to resume around October and November for more occupations, we predict that invitations for all occupations are unlikely to resume until early 2021.

"What can you do while you wait for your invite?"

With invitations coming to a halt due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, consider how you can maximise your chances of receiving an invitation by getting more points. This is a great opportunity to work on getting higher points for your English or CCL and giving yourself the best odds of receiving an invitation.

"What are my options if I don't have enough points to get invited for the 189 visa?"

With the points cut-off being unpredictable, it's best to consider other options such as state nomination.

The beauty of state nomination is that you can be invited with only 65 points! You can obtain it in 2 ways, either by studying there or working there. It's also worth noting that each state has its own requirements that you must meet.

485 visa holders: Now is a good time to research employment opportunities, in your nominated occupation, in areas outside of Melbourne, NSW, and WA as areas outside of these are likely to offer nomination if you’re working there in your occupation. This will help you determine your likelihood of obtaining employment for state nomination once the programs reopen.

For all applicants: If by October/November you don’t feel that your chances of eligible employment are high, then we recommend looking in to study strategies for nomination. Studying for nomination will allow you to apply for PR earlier and offers significantly higher certainty than work.


What is the best option for getting your PR? Finding this all a bit overwhelming?

We are always here to help. Book in for a free consultation to speak 1-to-1 with our migration experts to discuss your options today!



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