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[Expert Tip] Why Accountants Should be Considering Canberra Right Now

Getting PR with only 55 points and shorter times

Accountant points score reached a high of 80 in December, making it seem impossible to get PR. What if there's a way you could get PR with only 55 points? With Canberra state nomination you could!

Here are 4 reasons why you should be seriously considering Canberra State Nomination.


#1: Lower points cut off

You won't need to worry about getting 70+ points! State-nominated applicants are not subject to the same high points cutoff as 189 visa applicants. As long as you score 55 points, you could be on your way to getting PR!

#2: Extra 5 points

Obtaining Canberra state nomination will give you an additional 5 points. These extra 5 points could either be those last 5 points you need, or those extra 5 points above the minimum requirement which help you get your application priority.

#3: Shorter wait time

Whilst it may seem great that states like NSW have minimal restrictions, because they essentially accept every application, you could potentially be waiting for a long time before you get nominated. Canberra on the other hand, has a very long list of requirements. As long as you can meet the requirements, you could be on your way to PR a lot quicker!

#4: There is lots to love about Canberra

Did you know that Canberra was picked by Lonely Planet as the 3rd Best City in Travel for 2018? Other than politicians, Canberra is home to great local produce, gastronomic experiences, architecture and festivals (Flowers, Art...Truffles!). A lack of traffic jams is also a thing of envy for Sydneysiders and Melbournians.


Think this could be golden ticket to PR? Why not have a chat with us today and discuss if this option would work for you? Book your free 1-to-1 consultation today!

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