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[NEWS] ACT Skilled Migration "1st July" Changes

Australian Immigration News

ACT has caused some confusion in recent weeks. They previously announced several "1st July changes" and organised an Agents Forum, but then cancelled the forum and advised that the changes were cancelled. We have received clarification from the ACT government (email screenshot below), and here is a summary of what changes will happen and won't happen over the coming months.



What: ACT was proposing to introduce a selection-based invitation process. Candidates will still need to submit an EOI and be invited to apply for state nomination, the difference would be that candidates will also need to complete a score-based Canberra matrix. The candidates' matrix scores will then be ranked each month and candidates will then be selected and invited.

What does this mean for me?

As demand for ACT nomination exceeds allocated places, ACT is needing to find better ways to manage demand. Details about the Matrix scoring system are yet to be released. Our hypothesis would be that the Canberra matrix scoring system will give higher scores for candidates with certain preferred traits (perhaps those who have lived there longer, certain occupations etc.) This is only our hypothesis, we will keep a close eye on developments.

When: Will NOT be happening 1st July, 2018. Any potential changes are likely to happen over the coming months.



What: When lodging ACT state nomination EOIs and applications, all necessary documents will need to be submitted at the time of application. Previously, applicants could apply without all necessary documents and could later supply them when requested by the case officer (SBS Source).

What does this mean for me?

This essentially means you must submit a decision-ready application. Under this change, case officers can refuse your application right away without following up with you to request for further documentation.

When: Will NOT be happening 1st July, 2018. Any potential changes are likely to happen over the coming months.


What Can You Do in the Meantime?

We know ACT may be an option many of you are considering, so this can be unsettling news. Worrying about the worst that could happen will just cause a huge amount of stress.

As we've previously mentioned, you cannot put your life on hold while these changes are decided upon.

3 tips from the team here at Skylark Migration:

1) Focus on the controllable factors. Plan out your different pathways to PR, have back up options and progress as many options as possible. We can help you with that here at Skylark Migration. Take a look at our PR Strategy Session where you can get your own customised migration plan!

2) Lodge as soon as you're ready. The macro-environment suggests that ACT state nomination requirements will become tighter. If you are almost ready to lodge your nomination application, we would suggest you to dedicate some time to work on it and lodge it ASAP for a peace-of-mind.

3) Stay up to date. Follow us on Facebook so you can be notified of any news and developments.

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Email update from ACT below:

ACT Migration Forum Alert

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