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[Expert Tip] Does Having a 'Dodgy' Migration Agent Hurt Your Chances?

Risk of Having Blacklisted Migration Agent

We all hear stories about 'dodgy' migration agents who often have their applications refused, become investigated by the Department for fraudulent activity. So does the Department actually treat applications submitted by these migration agents differently? Will it hurt your chances if you have a dodgy migration agent handle your application?

Our Principal Migration Agent and former immigration officer reveals below.


When Visa Processing Officers are about to finalise (e.g. grant or refuse) an application, a warning may appear on the system. These warnings are generally reserved for agents who are frequently associated with applications that Immigration have later found to be either fraudulent or breaching conditions during investigations. These warnings give case officers additional instructions regarding the application, e.g. scrutinise with greater care, suggesting additional interviews to be conducted with applicants, etc.

This history is also made available to visa processing officers so that they are aware of the type of fraudulent activity. Therefore, the agents' history may indeed be a factor for consideration with the current application.

Even strong applications are not immune from further scrutiny from Immigration based on the reputation and history of the migration agent.

So, in short, do migration agents get flagged? Yes

Do agents get blacklisted? Yes and No. There's always a chance that their applications can be granted, but there are definitely checks in place to prevent this from happening without further scrutiny.

Does having a dodgy migration agent hurt your chances? Yes.

To maximise your chances of success, as well as ensuring a stress-free experience, we would always recommend choosing a reputable agency to handle your visa application.


With Skylark Migration, you won't have to worry though. We have had 100% success rate for every partner visa, graduate visa, general skilled migration visa etc. we have ever lodged! We pride ourselves in the quality of our applications and our service, as you will be able to see throughout our testimonials. We welcome you to come experience the Skylark difference for yourselves.

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