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[Expert Tip] Immigration FAQs Answered By An Expert

Australian Immigration FAQs

We often receive some very good questions from our clients. Every month, we'll share some of these with you along with our migration experts' responses to them. We hope that they help you!

In the September edition, we discuss:

  • - Adding offshore dependants to student visa applications

  • - Professional year programs and how many points it can contribute to skilled migration points test

  • - Overseas police checks, its expiry and whether you need to get a new one for your RSMS and ENS visa application

Please feel free to send us any questions via our Facebook page or email and we'll answer them for you!



Question: I'm currently in Australia and want to apply for a student visa. My partner and child are still overseas, can I still include them in my application?

Answer: Yes you can! If the primary applicant is in Australia, but the secondary applicant(s) is offshore, you can still lodge a combined student visa application. Please note, this applies to student visas only, and does not apply to other visas (e.g. the 485 TR/Temporary Graduate visa).



Question: I'm doing a professional year program (PYP) that lasts for 1 year. Can this 1 year of study be counted towards any study requirements for certain state nomination programs?

Answer: Unfortunately no. Most states with study requirements stipulate that the study undertaken must be related to CRICOS-registered courses. PYPs are not CRICOS registered. PYPs do not count towards any work requirements for state nomination either.


[ ENS / RSMS ]

Question: I'm about to submit my ENS visa application. It has been 14 months since I got my overseas police check done, do I need to get a new overseas police check again?

Answer: It depends. Overseas police checks are only valid for 12 months. However, here's a good tip for you: If you haven't been back to that same country for more than a cumulative period of 2 months since the certificate's expiry, then you don't need a new one. Note: You may still be asked for it if the visa processing officers have concerns.


Have any questions? Please feel free to send them through to us, or book in a free consultation to speak with a migration expert today!

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