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[Expert Tip] Skilled Migration EOIs: How to Save 2 - 3 Months!

Skilled Migration EOIs

Time is of the essence when it comes to Skilled Migration, especially in the current environment when state nominations programs seem to be constantly changing. The skilled migrant's nightmare would be to waste time unnecessarily, as it could mean the difference between making the cut-off for this invitation round or not.

Today we'll share a tip with you that could help you skip the EOI queue and save around 3 months of waiting time!


If you are claiming points for completed work experience, have received your skills assessment result, but do not have the points test advice yet, you can submit two EOIs; one with the higher-points claim, and another with the lower-points claim.

This way, you can place yourself in the queue earlier, even without the points test advice!

Does this constitute false and misleading information? No. Here's the rationale: when it comes to work experience, you have actually completed the work experience. If you don't have the points test advice, all it means is that you have not received the formal letter stating that you have performed the role. You should still be able to demonstrate that you have acquired this experience at the time of invitation.

Question: What happens if your points test advice comes back negative/doesn't match your EOI claims?

Answer: You can simply u can withdraw your higher-point EOI, and you will still have the other EOI (with lower points claim) pending. If you have received an invitation for your higher-point EOI, you may disregard it and not apply for the visa based on that invitation. This will not leave a bad record, or affect your application.

Important Note #1: This only applies to points test advice for work experience already obtained. It does not apply to other requirements like English, study etc.

Important Note #2: You should only do this after you have actually completed the prescribed period of work experience, not in advance! If you don't adequately demonstrate that you had the correct amount of experience at the time of invitation, your application will be at high risk of being refused.

Doing this right can help save you around 3 months' of waiting (average processing time for most assessment authorities) and help you secure a spot earlier in the queue.

If you are still worried about the timing of your application, speak with us and see how we can help you speed up your application process!

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