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Canberra Matrix Invitation Trends & Important Tip

Canberra has now released 3 rounds of invitations. In today's blog we'll cover what the results mean for you, the trends and why you should try to submit your EOI before 1 July 2019.


The Trend

Skylark Migration | 2 Jan Blog | Canberra Matrix First Round Invitation

As you can see, the required scores have been steadily decreasing. This is encouraging news!

Last week, we provided two examples of typical customer profiles. With the current Matrix score range, most customers who have moved to Canberra, have been working for at least 6 months in any job with a partner with proficient English.


Tip from Principal Agent and Former-Immigration Officer

If you're currently living in Canberra, we recommend that you submit your EOI before 1 July 2019 where possible.

Why? Lodging an EOI on or after this date, could mean losing up to 15 points, or even eligibility for ACT state nomination!


  • 1 academic year of study at an ACT tertiary institution currently awards 5 points. From 1 July, this will become 0 points.

  • 'Prospective Applicants' is a category aimed to help applicants transition into the new Canberra Matrix system. It will cease on 30 June 2019. Currently, you'll get 10 points for being a resident in Canberra before 29 June 2018. From 1 July, this will also become 0 points.

  • For those having held a student visa/temporary graduate (TR) visa within the last 2 years, the minimum ACT residency requirement is currently 12 months. From 1 July 2019, this will increase to 2 years.

As far as points go, the points have been dropping, presumably as the backlog of long-term Canberra residents with occupations on the 'closed' list who previously applied clears.

Whilst there could be more room for movement, it is still hard to predict at this stage whether the points will continue to drop or stabilise. It will be interesting to see what happens with the 30 January invitation. We will keep an eye on the situation and provide you with timely updates.

This most recent drop may be the slight edge that some employed nominees needed to be eligible. For others, it may be worth considering other options, especially if the cut-off doesn't drop further at the end of this month.


We understand that getting to PR can be really difficult, especially when states make the barriers so high. We can help you devise a personalised step-by-step plan to work out how to get from HERE all the way to PR! We've helped hundreds of people just like you identify their pathways. Let our experienced migration agents and former-Immigration officer help you!

For more information on the new occupation list, new requirements or Canberra Matrix factors, please see recent post here.


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