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COVID: Having Trouble Getting Health Exams & Police Checks?

Having Trouble Getting Health Exams & Police Checks?

Are you having difficulty getting police checks and booking health examinations right now due to COVID-19 disruptions? Don't worry, this is a common thing our customers have been experiencing.

Today we'd like to share some tips with you to ease your concerns.


Immigration is allowing more time

11 Bupa centres across Australia are temporarily closed. However, just today, BUPA's website has announced the upcoming reopening of 6 centres across NSW and Canberra.

If the Department Of Home Affairs requests for the health and police checks from you, they will extend the 28-day deadline if you can show that you're having difficulties completing them due to COVID-19.


Recommendations from our migration experts

Migration Experts Raghav (MARN: 2117605)
Raghav (MARN: 2117605)

You don't need to wait to receive your police check before you apply (unless it's a "time of application" requirement for the visa, like the 485 visa). You can lodge your application first, and then apply for your police checks, and book your health examinations.

If you run into any issues with your police checks getting delayed or health exams being postponed, you can simply take screen shots of the notification you receive, or the embassy or consulate's websites mentioning the delay, and upload it to your application.

Yes, not having these documents will cause delays - Immigration won’t grant your visa without it, but Immigration would most likely take this into consideration and give you extension to provide this information.


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