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[Expert Tip] Does Immigration Check Your Facebook?

Does Department of Immigration check your Facebook?

Attention social butterflies! Your Facebook posts can be the reason why your visa application gets refused.


Does Department of Immigration check your Facebook?

The simple answer? YES.

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia has ruled that material on Facebook pages is "information" that is "evidentiary material". That means Visa Processing Officers can use the information on your Facebook as evidence and therefore reason to reject your visa application. You need to be absolutely careful with Facebook and ensure that any posts and uploads do not contradict the information you have submitted with your visa application.

"My profile is private, so I'll be fine!" Even if your Facebook profile is 'private', your family and friends may still have public profiles!


Be careful with what you post on Facebook and social media. Before you post, ask yourself "is this next post going to affect my visa application?".


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