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How Long Does It Take to Get an Australian Partner Visa?

Partner visas are one of those visas that have very lengthy processing times. Take a look at the table below, these are official processing times for each type and stage of the partner visa.

"Do partner visas really take this long to process?"

Yes and no. Typically it depends on a number of factors, such as the strength of your evidence and how well you put together your application, just to name a few.

Despite the long processing times mentioned on the Department's website, we are currently finding that many of our Partner visa cases are getting processed much faster than usual. Some applications are getting assessed in as little as ~4 - 6 months.

This is due to the new migration quotas announced in the 2020/2021 Federal Budget. We expect this trend to continue until the end of this financial year, 30 June 2021 (when the current partner visa quotas expires).

"What can I do to get my partner visa approved faster?"

We've got you covered! Check-out our blog post of 4 expert tips from our former-Immigration officer on how you can get your partner visa granted faster to find out how you can get your partner visa approved faster.


Need help applying for your partner visa?

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