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[NEWS] Including Adult Dependants On Visa Applications

Australian Immigration News

When you apply for an Australian visas and include members of your family unit on your application, they will all automatically receive visas when yours is granted. Soon, this may no longer be the case for adult dependants.


When: 19 November 2016

Who: Dependent children age 23 and over

What: Currently, children can be included on visa applications if they are financially, or physically, dependent on the main applicant. From 19 November, they can only qualify as a dependent if they are physically incapacitated for work. As such, applicants affected by these changes will have to apply for a separate visa to enter Australia from this date.

Exceptions: Dependent children that hold certain temporary visas (such as 457) will still be eligible to be included in their parents’ subsequent visa applications as a dependant, even if they have turned 23. These changes will also not impact Refugee, Humanitarian or Protection Refugee visas.


If this affects your children, we would suggest that you lodge your application before 19 November, 2016.

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