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Onshore Partner Visa Applications: Faster Processing, as Quick as 2 Weeks!

While this tough COVID-19 period has been causing delays to many offshore visa applications, today, we'd like to share some good news to all onshore Partner visa applicants.

Here at Skylark Migration, for the past few months, we've been receiving many grant notices for our onshore partner visa applications.

Thanks to our experienced migration agents and former-Immigration officers, we've been having many applications granted 2x faster than the global standard processing time! The current global standard processing time for 820 Temporary Partner visas being 19 - 25 months, and 801 Permanent Partner visas being 11 - 18 months. As you can see from some of the grants we've received recently, many have been approved in 12 - 14 months, crazily enough, a permanent stage Partner Visa granted in as fast as 2 weeks!!

Interview with our former-Immigration officer and Partner visa specialist, Vivian, to come next week. She will be sharing some of her top tips. Watch this space!

This seems consistent with a recent push for Partner visas backlog to be cleared:

We would love to do everything we can and help you reduce your wait time too! Please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff today and/or book in your free consultation for a free eligibility assessment today >

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