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State Nomination Update - New South Wales 2022-23 Requirements

Here comes the 2nd part of the state nomination video series! Today is all about New South Wales' state nomination program.

BONUS: For a very concise, short summary of what the state nomination program is about, watch this video here for a recap 👉

Also, over the next few days, Tony will go through all the state nomination programs, their recent updates and give you a concise summary of everything you need to know. Stay tuned!



Hi everyone, Tony here from Skylark Migration. I want to talk to you guys today about state nomination.


Let's talk about New South Wales state nomination. So with New South Wales, they've got a very simple program. You just need to have a nominated occupation that is on their skilled list. So they have two separate lists, one for the 190 visas, one for the 491 visas. Within these New South Wales specific state lists, they will also list out the years of experience required in that nominated occupation, as well as the points cut off, which you're likely to receive an invitation.


So this is a little bit different to the previous years where New South Wales take on a very open program with a very generous skilled list, but then with no indication on what type of people are likely to get an invitation. Now that they have these requirements within the skilled list, they will give you a much better idea of knowing whether or not you should be applying for New South Wales state nomination.


So if you're living in Australia, you need to be living in New South Wales and definitely take a look at the skilled list and see if you fall into that category of being likely to receive an invitation.


The program is also open for offshore applicants, so if that's you, then as long as your occupation's on the skilled list, you have the years of experience required and you have the points required to have a good chance of receiving invitations, then it's definitely a good option for you to apply.


Have questions about how to get Australian PR through state nomination?

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