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Stuck Overseas? What You Should Be Doing While Borders Are Closed

We know the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact a lot of people, and that it can be extremely frustrating to just wait with no new information on when Australia will re-open their borders.

Unfortunately, overseas nominations for general skilled migration stream visas remain closed. At this stage it looks like it will likely be late next year when the overseas nominations will open up again, as announced in the Federal Budget, you can read more about this here.

Is there anything you can do while you wait? Here's what our expert migration agents recommend doing while you wait for nominations and borders to re-open.


"I'm overseas and want to apply for an Australian visa, what should I do?"

If you're currently overseas and not sure what your best Australian permanent residency options are, here are 3 options to consider:

Option #1

With travel being restricted worldwide, now is the perfect time to save up for your studies in Australia. Our migration experts advise that this is the most realistic way you can get Australian PR provided you are studying in an eligible state for nomination. See why here: How to Get PR in 4 Minutes.

Option #2

Consider enrolling in an Australian college and applying for an Australian student visa now. This way, you'll be ready to come to Australia as soon as the borders open.

Please note: It's important for you to avoid studying remotely as online study most likely won't count towards state nomination requirements. For example, you are currently overseas or in other parts of Australia and you are studying online from a regional college, this most likely will not count.

Option #3

You should look for potential employers in eligible states for nomination that can offer you a position in your nominated occupation once the borders re-open.

" I'm planning to study in Australia, will I be able to come to Australia?"

The government has indicated that the border will open for international students sooner, so you can consider a pathway through state nomination.

"What is state nomination?" If this is what you're thinking at this stage, here's a special explainer video just for you to give you a better idea of state nomination and why it could be the key to unlocking your chances of getting PR in Australia, you can check out our video here.

To give you a rough indication of likelihood of getting Australian PR, for those currently in Australia, there's roughly a 80% chance if you are studying in certain states. For applicants applying directly from overseas when borders re-open, there's around a 40% chance.

In summary, while you're waiting for the borders to re-open, there are still several things you can do to set yourself up for success and maximise your chances of getting PR in Australia.


Need help working out 'what is my best option to get Australian PR'? Book in for a free consultation to speak 1-to-1 with our migration experts today for that extra peace-of-mind!



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