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Western Australia's FY21/22 Skilled Migration Quota Reached

If you’re planning to migrate to Western Australia through the Skilled Migration Program, we have some bad news.

As you know, you need a nomination from the state government to get a Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190/491).

Unfortunately, Western Australia has closed nominations for this financial year (ending 30 June 2022) after reaching its quota.

What does this mean for me?

If you’ve already gotten your nomination: Great! You can continue applying for the visa.

If you haven’t got your nomination yet: you’re not likely to get it until the next financial year (i.e. after July).

What can you do now?

  1. Wait for an opening WA Migration Services has requested the federal government for an additional 5,000 places. Should additional places become available, eligible candidates will be contacted and invited to apply for the state nomination program. So there is a possibility you might still be able to apply before July (though chances aren’t high). If not, you’ll have to wait a few months before WA resumes nominations.

  2. Apply anyway and wait Applicants who are eligible should still apply as WA Migration Services is continuing to process applications for State Nomination. Any applications which meet the requirements and is to be approved will be placed on hold. This means that when WA resumes nominations, applicants who have previously met requirements and are on hold are likely to get their nomination invitation much quicker.

  3. Try another migration approach Just because state nominations are closed doesn’t mean you can’t move to Australia. There are other states and even other visas you can try. We can try to find an alternate route for you to migrate to Australia. If you’d like some help, book a PR Strategy Session.


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