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[NEWS] South Australia's 2021-22 State Nomination Program Update

Good news! South Australia has announced that their 2021-22 state nomination program will re-open from 8AM Tuesday 20th July 2021. An allocation of 5,200 spots in total has been given for the 190 and 491 visa subclasses.

What are the changes? Can you can apply? Here's a quick summary of everything you need to know.


Priority streams for South Australia's skilled program

  1. Talent and Innovators Program ✅ Employer stream ✅ Outer Regional South Australia workforce stream ✅ Start up and small business stream ✅ High performing graduate stream ✅ Independent talent stream

  2. Currently living and working in South Australia Living and working in South Australia - 6 months for the 491 visa, 12 months for 190 visa Living and working in regional South Australia - Additional concessions are available for applicants living in regional South Australia. Living and working in South Australia as long-term residents - Concessions and waivers are available depending on how long you've been in South Australia, your nominated occupation and if you live and work in a regional area.

  3. International Graduates of South Australia Graduated from a South Australian registered institute - currently working in your nominated/closely related occupation for 3 months after completing your course. Additional requirements may apply depending on your nominated occupation.

  4. Offshore Registration of Interest for Critical Skills Applicants from offshore in specific trade and health occupations can submit an ROI provided they meet their nominated occupation requirements.

Advice from our Principal Migration Agent, Tony: The program for the most part, remains the same as last year. However, for certain occupations, additional caveats have been added. So it's crucial for applicants to check the additional criteria of their nominated occupation.


"What is the eligibility criteria?"

You must meet requirements of the state's nomination program, the relevant visa and your nominated occupation requirements. Some of the requirements include:

You can see the occupation list here. Your nominated occupation will also determine some of the other requirements such as work experience, points, English, positive skills assessment.

The age requirement is that you must be under age 45 at time of nomination.

You can find the full list of South Australia's requirements here.


Unsure if you meet the state nomination requirements? Book in for a free consultation to speak 1-to-1 with our migration experts today for that extra peace-of-mind!


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