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Skilled Migration

Long post but worth reading 

I got my permanent residency just this Monday in 190 visa stream. 

I did MBA with specialisation in marketing . I was on my student visa when this 457 visa rumours started spreading. I got panicked and before my last semester was about to end i started looking for immigration agents/lawyers  

And then one of my aunt recommended me to meet Tony (skylark immigration) . And everything changed for me . First Tony suggested me to move from sydney to canberra . He did all his research and focused on one particular occupation . 

There were days when I was scared that what if this occupation goes out of list , but because of his experience only he knew what he was doing and he always told me to believe in him and be patient . An immigrant goes through a lot of mood swings  when applying for visas, skill assessments and permanent residency. Tony always seems to be cool as cucumber and handled all situations like a pro . In these last three years a lot of rules changed and because of him and his team’s efforts i have achieved this milestone . He always listened and replied with in 24 hours which is a very commendable job to pull off being so busy. 

He helped me with my 485 visa, my skill assessments, my state nomination and finally my permanent residency. 

Not to forget there are so many paperwork which he was not supposed to help but he still did like my passport application, my police checks in all three applications and my afps as well . 

If you’re looking for right advice and professional to help you with your visa queries Skylark Migration is the best place to be . 

I wish the whole team best of luck and thanks a lot once again . 

More power to you guys 🙏🙏 

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Partner Visa

It is a rare experience to work closely with a private business and find that, without exception, they go beyond the call of duty to provide expertise, insight, reassurance, wisdom and kindness – in addition to their advertised services. This was, however, my constant experience when dealing with Skylark.

When I was preparing to apply for a partner visa, I spoke to several migration agents. Many gave conflicting or cursory advice. Several never responded to enquiries. Others told me my situation was simply ‘too hard’ or ‘too unusual’ for them to be able to help me. The experience was frustrating.

The moment I made contact with the Skylark team, that changed. My partner and I first spoke to Tony, the Principal Migration Agent, who immediately saw work-arounds for the alleged difficulties which other agencies had cited. He was abundantly knowledgeable, generous with his knowledge, a good listener and keen to get the details right. My partner and I felt that – far from being just ‘part of the job’ – we were being treated as real people with a real story. It was an uplifting and encouraging experience.

We then worked with Vivian, Skylark’s excellent specialist in partner visa applications. She was clear, calm and communicative at all times. She was also kind, and a great help with the practicalities of my application. She never allowed us to feel pressured, while constantly advising us of where we were on the projected timeline. We assembled our documents over several months, reassured by Vivian’s presence on the end of the phone and over e-mail. She and the whole team were responsive, thorough and – as it turned out – completely reliable in everything they told us. When the application was finished, we felt it was as good as it could possibly be - thanks to Skylark.

When it came to submitting the application, we expected to be waiting for up to two years before learning the outcome. In fact, the decision came through in a matter of just a few months – we had been granted the visa!

I deal with businesses and service providers every day. From cafes to banks to concert halls, I have experienced my share of both good and bad practice. Tony’s team at Skylark are exceptional. Their commitment to their clients, their corporate values, and their sense of decency raise them head and shoulders above their competitors. They provide honest, clear and practical advice and services.

I want to end by recommending Skylark in no uncertain terms. They are superb.

And by thanking Tony, Vivian and the team for coming through for us with such style. Thank you all!

Brian & Edwina


Partner Visa

Skylark is simply the best at getting your loved ones their visas. Without a doubt the most knowledgeable, friendly and professional outfit I have ever dealt with in any capacity.


I had a unique problem - and a new family to be settled in Australia, FAST, after things went incredibly haywire in their home country. What my partner and I had planned to happen in a couple of years (them coming to Aus) had to happen immediately. Tony and his team made it all happen, and after getting my girls here, and then waiting for the 'big' visa to happen over a 2 year period there were numerous tense times and lots of hurdles and paperwork - all made a million times easier by the dedicated people at Skylark.


I and my family owe them beyond measure, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found them. If you think this process will be easy, and you will go through unscathed - you are completely fooling yourself. It's a tough and demanding time, chocked full of doubt, in which you MUST have professional help. Having an ex-immigration officer like Tony, who knows the system back the front, and who truly cares, is a secret weapon that will make your experience a MILLION times easier. Their prices are the best, and they offer an 'above and beyond' service that is worth 3 times what they charge. Thank you guys - thank you SO much. Drew, Helena, and our exceptionally mixed family :)


Subsequent Entrant

Skylark Migration is the best when applying for a visa.


My visa situation was a very complex one. I contacted and met up with several agencies to talk about my options, however, not one of them was able to help. I was then recommended to contact Skylark Migration and ask for Tony. Tony immediately made time to see me. He was very calm, supportive and professional and discussed all options with me – options other agencies had not even considered, or have told me were not possible!!!! Tony, Yusra, Isha and Jordan all worked on my case for two months.


They were amazing; so knowledgable, supportive, considerate and efficient. They knew exactly what documents to attach to the application to pass the requirements, updated me regularly, had amazing attention to detail and whenever I had any questions or doubts either one of them would take the time to message, Email or call me and answer my questions and reassure me (sometimes even on weekends!). I could not have asked for a better agency and team.


I was granted my visa 3 weeks ago! I cannot thank Skylark Migration enough. Without them I don’t think this would have been possible (and especially not in such a short amount of time). I would recommend Skylark to anyone and will be using their services again in the future for further visa applications. Yes, it is expensive, however, in my opinion, it is definitely worth it. It is evident that they have the knowledge and resources to help you succeed and truly care about you as an individual. Applying for a visa is stressful, you will need help and support and Skylark Migration can provide this!

Once again, thank you Tony, Isha, Yusra and Jason for providing the best service and for having helped me get my visa! I am truly grateful! Annika :)


Regional Sponsored

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Skylark migration.

The idea to apply for my permanent residency was not easy as I did not have the complete information. I’ve had previous consults with other migration agents but all I received was incomplete information and an unsatisfactory experience. 

Tony is unquestionably amazing. His professionalism, top quality service, timely updates and most importantly his knowledge about migration regulation is undoubtedly marvellous. Tony really strives to go above and beyond in assisting you with his services which other migration agents could not provide.

I would highly recommend Skylark team to anyone seeking any migration assistance.


Employer Sponsored

Skylark Migration Team, Thank you for your expertise and guidance throughout the visa process.


The team is working along with you at a great pace and in a professional manner. Of course, being a customer we need to be pro-active in order to understand and collect all required documents for maximizing our visa outcome and process. From my experience, I can say that even being in the non-explored field in the migration industry where nobody even knows about it, Skylark Migration Team have worked well and explored every untouched avenue. Even if we were not sure about anything, they do their in-depth research and case work-out which I would say nobody else does it comprehensively. After in-depth research and discussion in the initial phase, Tony confirmed the probable outcome of my case.


Tony and Team worked at a great pace and in a professional manner, sometimes if required they go beyond the way and try their best to help you out. Being a customer, what we need: Peace, Satisfaction, Evidence-based outcome assessment, customer support throughout your visa process, and most importantly successful outcome. That is all we can have it from SKYLARK MIGRATION.


I would advise to all who would like to get their visa, BE PRO-ACTIVE, ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS TO YOUR IMMIGRATION AGENT/LAWYER/CONSULTANT, AND GET YOUR RESULT- WORK WITH THEM, RATHER JUST BEING TOTALLY DEPENDANT. I would highly recommend SKYLARK MIGRATION FOR all the things I have just mentioned. Good Luck all the people who are still waiting for their visa and about to get Visa. Kind Regards


Graduate Visa

Skylark Migration's level of services is beyond expectation! The team, including Tony, Jason, Susan and I am sure those I did not get the chance to meet, is just amazing.

From timely responses to emails, text messages, voice messages and calls, to how professional and friendly they dealt with my visa process is very commendable.

The options and choices I was given were explained to me and every step during the whole process seemed unbelievably easy and straightforward. Not to forget the comparatively affordable visa processing fees offered!

Thank you Skylark for being a major part of my dreams, I could not be where I am at the moment if it weren't for your generous, encouraging and supportive services!


Skilled Visa

SKYLARK MIGRATION is a "Super Team" you can rely on! They are here to genuinely help and assist for all visa needs.

My situation is a not so ideal and complicated for some reasons and I am cautiously looking for someone who can help me and my family to get permanent residency.

I started contacting and speaking to few migration agencies and all of them promise success but I can't feel sincerity. By randomly searching the internet, I found Tony. I read his profile and quickly decided that very moment that I will go to this guy!

Cutting the story short, all I experienced with their team is a "family-like treatment" handling my case in excellent manner.

Staff were very helpful and professional.

Skylark Migration is the main catalyst to this success. Without them, this won't be possible.

Needless to say, I would definitely recommend Skylark Migration.

Again, thank you and more power to your organisation!


Temp. Activities Visa

Tony has been such a wealth of knowledge. He has a very calm and professional demeanor that was incredibly comforting as I have been very anxiety ridden over this whole visa process. I had a very unusual circumstance with my visa and had so many questions and attempts to build scenarios and "what if situations" that he confidently was able to answer. I am so very,very grateful to have stumbled upon skylark. Without question, I will recommend them to anyone and be using them for all of my immigration needs in the future.


485 Visa & GSM

Thanks very much Tony for your great services. Truly appreciate. Tony is very kind person, he responded my every question in polite way. He helped me to get my Temporary Graduate visa. When he lodged my application to immigration, I got visa within only 6 working days. Again, I would like to say thankful to all skylark migration team. Highly recommend.


457 Visa

I highly recommend Skylark Migration for whoever is looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and professional agent. Tony and his team has save my case sucessfully. Thank you so much for helping me and my husband having a chance to stay here.


Partner Visa


Visitor Visa

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Working Holiday Visa

Initiated contact with Tony and his team to apply for a prospective marriage visa. I had seen a number of immigration lawyers and migration agents and decided to go with Skylark due to the CO background and also Tony went above and beyond on phone calls. They’re also extremely good value pricing. Once the deposit was made, action was taken quickly to get the process started. Yusra was super helpful and a delight to deal with.


Unfortunately, my relationship then ended before we were to submit our application and Tony kindly refunded some of our deposit despite it not being necessary in the contract I signed. I was thoroughly impressed by this and as a result, can confidently say that Tony runs his business in a highly ethical and fair manner.

Despite my relationship breaking down, my experience with Tony and his Skylark team was quick, easy, friendly and seamless. I would highly recommend them and will most definitely engage their services in the future if needed.

Tony and Susan from SKYLARK MIGRATION have been our life savers from beginning to end when applying for my parents Visa. We highly recommend their services, not only are they true professionals but also understanding and caring to each individuals situation. Each and every step of our visa application were there to guide us through by Tony and Susan. They made what can be at times a considerably difficult and emotional process as easy as possible. Prompt, efficient and always followed through what was promised are just a few of the many qualities this Team provides and we cannot thank them enough for their services. Finally my dream came true when my mom and dad arrive to visit beautiful Australia after 7 YEARS. 


Again and again i don't have words to thanks to Tony and the team of Skylark migration - Please keep on doing amazing job - we need people like you. Thanks Hass SHAH

Skylark helped me get my 417 WHV 🤙 I met Tony while he was helping multiple people giving advice on Reddit. They took my case and admitted it was a complex one with a 50/50 chance of my VISA being granted. They helped me the whole way and we had all information that immigration requested sorted in advance. The case was so complex that immigration took 12 months to process my application but it was accepted! Skylark are very knowledgeable about what is necessary to pass the character requirements and what information needs to be provided in a timely manner. I'm delighted with the service! Thanks to Tony and the team! Cya in Melbourne next year 🤙


Subsequent Entrant

I'd keep it short and simple. Tony is a true MVP and with his team, they are definitely the very best in town. I am simply blown away, experiencing the service Skylark provided. Professionally & diligently dealing, my Wife's Visa (subsequent entrant) and as always succeeding with 100% positive result. I am extremely grateful for their service and support. They are a definite recommendation for anyone seeking Australian Visa. Hands down. 🙇‍♂️


Partner Visa

Thank you Tony & Jason! They have amazing team members with absolutely high quality services! Clear instructions with a lot of assistance before lodging my visa application. Save time, save money. Must recommend this professional services to my friend!!!


Skills Assessment

Top quality service!
Tony and Skylark team are very professional and friendly. The team helped me to get my positive skill assessment outcome. They were there for me every step of the way and were readily available to answer any of my queries. Highly recommended!

Tony and Team – Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work!


Student Visa

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Partner Visa


457 Visa

I decided to consult with Skylark migration due to a my critical situation of being unable to lodge a student visa application as I had lost my passport. Tony suggested immediate alternatives for my situation and guaranteed a thorough service regardless of me having my passport. I have a better peace of mind to be assured of such service. Thank you!

Skylark have been awesome during my visa process. They have assisted me throughout the application and always came back to me within minutes / hours to answer to the millions of questions i have sent over the past couple of months. Thanks to Skylark, I am really reassured that my visa application is as strong as it can be and therefore I (hopefully) wont have issues getting it approved. Absolutely would recommend them to anyone submitting a visa. Thank you so much!

I highly recommend Skylark Migration for whoever is looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, helpful and professional agent. Tony and his team has save my case sucessfully. Thank you so much for helping me and my husband having a chance to stay here.


Subsequent Entrant


Student Visa


Student Visa

Well i have to say sky lark migration is best in melbourne recently i applied the subsequent entrant visa from them and tony promised me to get in 30 days and he made it they have got best staff which helps everytime and i have to admit that isha parmar did a great job as well she helped me alot through this i would highly recommend the skylark they can get you visas very easily

Couldn't be happier with the service provided! Tony and the team was there for me every step of the way. They are readily available to answer any queries I had and was very assuring during the whole process. Tony is very knowledgeable and very thorough in all the advises that was given to us. My student visa was granted in less than 2 weeks and everything was on time as planned. Will be recommending any of my friends that need assistance with their student visa and will be going back in the future for my undergrad visa. Highly recommended! Top quality service.

Skylark Migration is the best place for migration advice and services. Skylark staff especially Tony has helped me to get my positive skilled employment assessment. I did not have any knowledge of the assessment process but they advised me and helped me in this difficult situation. I really recommend others as well to experience their migration services as they provide efficient and quality service. I really want to say thanks to Skylark to help me in my assessment process.


Partner Visa

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Skilled Visa


Graduate Visa

Tony is very knowledgable, efficient, informative and superb professional migration agent. I will highly recommend him to all people I know who need help for their visas. His team are helpful too especially Lynn.

Our experience from the beginning until the end was hassle free. Thank you Tony and team. All the best and keep up your professionalism.

Thank you to Tony and the team at Skylark who helped us get our Visa granted. We experienced really great service, and I must say that Tony had excellent attention to detail and provided some great advice that only someone who has worked as a case officer at Home Affairs would know.

Thank you so much Tony, Jason and the rest of the team of Skylark migrations for making our visa application an easy one. I would highly reccommend your team to my friends and relatives. Tony was very informative and knowledgeable with all my visa concerns from start to finish. His team makes it more easy and you would feel that they are very keen on helping you. Again thank you!!!


Student & Visitor Visas


Tourist Visa


Family Visa

"现在澳大利亚中介太多,作为一个刚出国没多久的留学生来说,各种不放心。跟朋友聊天的时候,他给我推荐了Skylark Migration。于是我联系上了Tony,他人非常好,之前在移民局工作过,所以工作经验就没得说了。他根据我的情况,推荐了适合我的大学专业,以及专业的未来就业率情况,使我对它们有了详细的认识。费用比大多数中介低,整个办理过程非常顺利,也不需要本人跑腿,只需要等待通知。后期服务也很好,不管是专业问题,还是在澳洲生活问题,都可以咨询他们,他们也会耐心的解答,感觉就像自己的亲人一样。非常推荐大家选择 Skylark Migration,无论你是留学还是移民,都可以找它们,绝对的放心!"

"A holiday in Australia is a dream for many Vietnamese people who have relatives in Australia, and my younger sister is one of these people. After many failures, we wasted money and time because we trusted immigration services that were not professionally competent. This time, I was really lucky to have met an expert that is Tony (Nam) Truong (son of Thu Lam from the Vietnamese Volunteers of Red Cells Association in Melbourne) who is the director of the immigration specialist company Skylark Migration Agency in Melbourne because he has worked in the Department of Immigration Melbourne in inspection and visa grant roles. Providing friendly service, genuineness and professional advice with reasonable fees, Tony Truong has helped many Vietnamese people like my younger sister realise their dreams of travelling to Australia, reuniting with family or migrating through skilled employment and business. If you have any immigration needs, contact Tony Truong right away by email"

"Having seeked advice from countless other professionals, the team at Skylark Migration stood out for many reasons:
- The knowledge Tony was able to provide me was invaluable
- The teams professionalism was beyond whats expected of a smaller company
- Finally, Tony seemed like he genuinely wanted to help. To many others, I felt like just another number, another application.


With Skylark, I felt like a valued client, a person. This factor is important to me, as I'm trusting them with not only my visa application but also my future.

Needless to say, Skylark delivered an exceptional reliable service. I'd recommend Skylark to everyone wanting to successfully obtain a visa into Australia."


457 Visa


Student Visa


Child Visa

"As immigration visa is really important work to be done, I was really fussy to choose the right agent and he is good enough for me to go with. Tony, who was a former migration officer, is really proactive, professional, knowledgeable and reliable. He always keeps me updated with all of the ongoing process and gives me clear answer to my inquiries. Satisfied with their service and highly would recommend them."

"Hey my name is Bar Kaspi, I arrived to Australia on a tourist visa in November last year. I decided to study in Australia and I needed to lodge a student visa. Fortunately I found out about Skylark Migration.

The service was superb and people was very helpful and friendly which made the all process very easy. I am warmly recommend Skylark migration and I am highly recommend them.

Best regards, 

Bar Kaspi"

"Hello Tony, director of Skylark Migration Specialists! I am Quach Du, I am 38 years old this year and a Vietnamese citizen. Currently, I am living and working in Vietnam. I have relatives living permanently in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have been in the process of communicating and working with Skylark Migration Specialists regarding the migration of my family’s relatives to Australia for reunification. I realised: this is a company that works with integrity, staff have a strong sense of responsibility, their work on applications are guaranteed to be accurate, detailed, solid, meticulous, fast and with good results, and with reasonable prices. The company has the ability to guarantee legitimate benefits for clients. In the future, we will continue to engage this company to help our family to go to Australia and be reunited. I sincerely thank the company for having partnered with our family. Wishing every success for the business!"


Partner Visas


Partner Visa


Student Visa

"Melbourne's greatest and brightest service team! They put a lot of thought into my case. High efficiency and high quality of service. They took great care of every little detail and were always very patient in answering every question I had       


"I came across Skylark Migration by my cousin and I got some trouble with my application for Australian PR. He gave me a very good review about the consultancy. Tony is a consultant who really made our application very smooth. He is very professional, friendly and has been very patient enough to explain all processes in detail and was always available to clarify any queries/concerns. He is the one who is constantly following up the entire process and provided correct guidance and suggestions on time. I would like to thank Tony for a smoother ride for getting PR done. I would Strongly recommend this agency for immigration.

当我遇到澳大利亚签证困难时,我的家人对于 Skylark Migration 的评价很高,把他们推荐给了我。Tony使得整个过程进展顺利。他非常专业、友好,一直耐心地解释每个细节,总能够清楚地解答我的每个问题和担心。他从头到尾一直跟踪着进展,总是及时地给予正确的指导和建议。我想感谢Tony帮助我顺利地拿到PR。我强力推荐这家移民中介。”

”Skylark Migration is a professional organisation that was very attentive and thoughtful. My situation is quite unique, after fully understanding my requirements they really stood from my perspective and provided exceptionally constructive recommendation. Skylark Migration's advice was not only precise but also that of authority. 

Skylark Migration是个很贴心的专业服务机构,因为我的个人情况比较特殊,他们充分理解我们的要求,并且站在客户的角度,提供了许多建设性很强的咨询服务。Skylark Migration的服务很权威很精准。“


Student (Dependant)


Student Visa 


Temp. Graduate Visa

非常幸运选择了Skylark Migration Specialists作为我们的移民代理。他们具有丰富的专业知识,工作态度认真、 客观、严谨;善于沟通,为客户及时准确地提供咨询和解答。同时,很贴心的为客户提供增值服务,方便客户了解当地风土人情,顺利融入当地生活。Skylark Migration Specialists是可以放心选择的专业移民代理!

Tony handled my complex visa scenario very well. He definitely has the knowledge and experience to figure out whatever you might be throwing at him. With his help, I'll be moving to Australia soon!

"These guys helped me out with my work visa and now helping me out with my permanent residency. Tony is amazing guy. Thanks for all the help!"


Partner Visa


Temp. Graduate Visa


Temp. Graduate Visa

Really appreciated all the support and guidance I received from Skylark. Took the time to answer all my questions and were extremely patient throughout. Highly recommended! 

Skylark migration provides best services. I love their way of guidance and dealing. Tony is awesome who always provides best advice. I highly recommended to all to contact them regarding your visas. 
Thanks skylark for a great service.

Really appreciated what the agent have been done for me. Tony was very kind and patently responded to all my questions. I had seeked advice from other professions and finally were impressed by Skylark's services as Tony gave me a lot of valuable sugesstions for my immigration plan. Highly recommend.


Student & Tourist Visa


Tourist Visa


Child Visa

"There are many migration agents in Australia. As a new migrant, I had many kinds of worries. A friend recommended me to Skylark Migration, so I got in touch with Tony. He is a  great guy, previously worked at the Department of Immigration and was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Based on my background, he provided great recommendations on my course of study and future job prospects.Their fees were lower than most other agents, the whole process was very smooth and didn't require the applicant themselves to run around, all I needed to do was to wait for news. Post-service was also brilliant, they would always patiently answer any questions I had from from course related questions to general Australian-lifestyle related questions. They were like family. Highly recommend everyone to choose Skylark Migration for your migration matters. Definitely trustworthy!"

Du lịch đến Úc là môt ước mơ của nhiều người  Việt có thân nhân sinh sống tại Úc và em gái tôi cũng nằm trong số những người này. Sau nhiều lần thất bại, mất tiền và thời gian vì tin vào những dịch vụ di trú không chuyên nghiệp. Lần này thật may mắn tôi đã gặp được mot người chuyên nghiệp đó là Tony (Nam) Trương (Con trai của cô Lâm Thu :Hội trưởng Hội Thiện Nguyện Hồng Cầu tại Mel ) là  Giám đốc  Công ty chuyên về di Trú Skylark Migration Agency tại Melbourne , vì cậu ta đã từng làm ở Bộ Di Trú Melbourne với chức vụ Nhân Viên chuyên duyệt xét và cấp visa. Với sự tiếp đón thân thiện, chân tình và hướng dẩn một cách chuyên nghiệp với lệ phí vừa phải Tony Trương đã giúp được nhiều người Việt như em tôi thực hiện được ước mơ của mình tới Úc du lịch, đoàn tụ hay di dân tay nghề và thương mại. Nếu bạn có nhu cầu về di trú hãy lien lạc ngay với Tony Truong qua email …..

Xin chào anh Tony Truong giám đốc công ty Skylark Migration Specialists ! Tôi là Quách Du, năm nay tôi 38 tuổi, quốc tịch Việt Nam. Hiện nay, tôi đang sống và làm việc tại Việt Nam. Tôi có người thân đang định cư ở Thành phố Melbourne, bang Victoria, Australia. Quá trình tôi được trao đổi, tiếp xúc, làm việc với công ty Skylark Migration Speccialists về dịch vụ đưa người thân của gia đình tôi qua Úc đoàn tụ. Tôi nhận thấy: đây là công ty hoạt động rất trung thực, người của công ty có tinh thần trách nhiệm cao, tiến hành làm hồ sơ các văn bản bảo đảm chính xác, chi tiết, cụ thể, tỷ mỷ, chặt chẽ, nhanh và hiệu quả cao, giá cả hợp lý. Công ty có khả năng bảo đảm tốt quyền lợi chính đáng cho khách hàng. Trong thời gian tới chúng tôi tiếp tục liên hệ với công ty để giúp gia đình chúng tôi sớm được đoàn tụ tại Úc. Xin chân thành cảm ơn công ty đã hợp tác với gia đình chúng tôi. Chúc công ty ngày càng thịnh vượng ! 

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