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Partner Visa 820 Subclass Specialists 

The Skylark team has a combined 57+ years of experience helping people apply for the 820 Partner Visa, and proudly maintains a 100% success rate for 820 Visas since 2015. 

From our Melbourne | Australia HQ, we have helped customers from over 106 countries and counting.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Australian Subclass 820 Partner Visa (temporary).

No obligations.

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What is a 820 Partner Visa?

The Partner Visa Subclass 820 is a temporary visa that allows you to live/work/study in Australia while your permanent Partner Visa Subclass 801 is being processed.

To apply, you must be the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen (see other requirements).

The 820 Visa is for people who are in Australia when you apply (whereas the 309 Visa is for people outside Australia). This is why sometimes it's also known as the "onshore partner visa".

What is a 820 Partner Visa?

What is the purpose of an Australian 820 Partner Visa?

You apply for both the temporary 820 Visa and permanent 801 Visa applications at the same time. You'll first be granted the temporary 820 Visa, which will allow you to stay in Australia.

While on the 820 Visa, you can live, work and study in Australia. You can also: 

  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want

  • Attend free English language classes provided by the Adult Migrant English Program if you are eligible

  • Apply for access to Australia's public health care scheme, Medicare

In most cases, you can then be considered for the permanent 801 Visa 2 years later (from when you first applied). If you have been married or in a de facto relationship for 3+ years, (or 2+ years instead if you have a child together), you may get your 801 visa approved at the same time as your 820 visa.

Once your permanent visa is granted, you will be able to live and work in Australia permanently.

What is the purpose of an Australian 820 Partner Visa?

How long does it take to process a 820 Partner Visa?

Here are the average processing times for Partner Visa 820 according to the Department of Home Affairs (eff. Jan 2023): 


25% of applications processed in: 6 Months
50% of applications: 9 Months
75% of applications: 19 Months
90% of applications: 38 Months


This is an approximate processing time and it can be longer in some cases, particularly if the application is incomplete or requires further assessment.

Since 2015, we’ve often been able to help our customers get their visas approved much faster than the average processing time! Hear it from our customers directly:

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Johnny's Testimonial - Partner Visa - Skylark Migration
How long does it take to process a 820 Partner Visa?

What are the Partner Visa 820 Requirements in Australia?

  • The applicant must be in Australia when they apply

  • Your partner MUST be an eligible Australian citizen/permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen when you apply

  • You must be able to prove your relationship is genuine. The evidence is evaluated across 4 factors (this forms the bulk of your visa application work)

  • You must have lived together for at least 12 months as a de facto couple if you're not yet married [Exception: If you living in QLD, ACT, NSW, SA or VIC, you can bypass the 12 month rule by registering your relationship]

  • You must pass the health assessment (may include chest x-ray, HIV test etc). In some cases, we may be able to get you a health waiver.

  • You must provide police checks for every country that you have lived in for 12 months cumulatively in the last 10 years. 

Have questions about your eligibility or application? Don't worry, we are here to help!

What are the Partner Visa 820 Requirements in Australia?
820 Partner Visa Subclass Specialists | Migration Agents Australia | Skylark Migration

Our Partner Visa Application Process


1. Free 1:1 consultation with a partner visa expert to assess your situation and answer any questions.


2. Pay a small deposit. Our agents will do a eligibility assessment before you make any commitment.


3. Once we get back your signed agreement and payment, it's time to get started!

4. We'll send you a customised, comprehensive 820 Visa document checklist for the strongest application


5. As you collect your documents, we'll be here to provide advice and recommendations


6. Our experts will complete your application (we don't make you fill the forms!)


7. We'll make sure your application is strong before we submit to Immigration


8. We'll keep you updated and follow up with Immigration until you get your visa!

No obligations. Only 4 free consults per day. First come first served. Book your slot now

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Our Partner Visa Application Process

Why Choose Us as Your Australian Partner Visa Agent?

Skylark Difference #1 - Former Immigration Case Officer - Best Migration Agents Melbourne
Former-Department of Immigration 

With a former Immigration officer on our team, we have unique insight into what a strong application looks like and red flags you should avoid.

Skylark Difference #2 - 100% Success Rate for all Partner, Skilled, Parent, Employer Spons
820 Visa Success Rate

Yes, every single Subclass 820 Partner Visa application of ours since 2015 has been successfully granted.

Skylark Difference #3 - 100% Money Back Guarantee - Best Migration Agents Melbourne Austra
100% Money-back guarantee

...Which is why we are confident enough to offer you 100% Money Back Guarantee - We get your visa, or you get your money back*​

Skylark Difference #4 - Competitive All-Inclusive Fees - Best Migration Agents Melbourne A
Competitive, all-inclusive fees

We are transparent with our pricing and are fiercely against charging exorbitant fees.


100s of 5-star reviews

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