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Skills Assessment
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Are you in a professional or trades occupation needing a VETASSESS skills assessment for your 189, 190, 491 Skilled visas, or 186 or 482 employer sponsored visa application? 

Our professionals here at Skylark Migration have been successfully helping people with their VETASSESS skills assessments since 2015.

Here’s everything you need to know about the VETASSESS migration skills assessments.

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What is a VETASSESS Skills Assessment in Australia?

As part of the application process for skilled migration and certain employer sponsorship visas, you will be required to produce a positive skills assessment.

VETASSESS (Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services) is the assessment body that has been recognised by the Department for the broadest range of occupations for skilled migration purposes. For most nominated occupations, VETASSESS will be responsible for
 assessing whether your skills and experience meet the occupational standards set by the Australian authorities. 

What Are The Occupations Assessed by VETASSESS?

VETASSESS assesses over 360 occupations. There are two types of occupations: General and Trade occupations.


General occupations are then divided into five categories, A to E, each with different requirements for the minimum required qualifications and work experience.

Here are examples of some of the common occupations of each category. You can see if your nominated occupation is assessed by VETASSESS in our lookup table here.

Category A

Including positions such as career consultants, chemists, physicians, auditors, landscape architects, medical administrators, orthoptist, lecturers/teachers, etc.

Category B

Including positions such as Actors, advertising marketers, beekeepers, sound engineers, writers, script editors, company secretaries, composers, costume designers, stock traders, graphic designers, etc.

Category C

Including positions such as cafe or restaurant managers, customer service managers, brokers, gym managers, insurance brokers, massage therapists, etc.

Category D

Including positions such as auctioneers, divers, football players, real estate agents, etc.

Category E

Including positions such as anesthesiologists, cardiac therapists, medical specialists, etc.

What is a VETASSESS Skills Assessment in Australia?
What are the requirements?

What are the VETASSESS Skills Assessment Application Fees? 

For those needing a skills assessment for their 189, 190, 491 and 482 visa applications, you will need a full migration skills assessment. The fee differs depending if your nominated occupation is a Professional Occupation or a Trade Occupation. The current application fees for Professional Occupations can be found here, and Trade Occupations here.

For those needing a skills assessment for their 485 Temporary Graduate visa (TR) application, you will need the skills assessment specific to 485 visa applications. The fee for 485 visa application assessments can be found here.

How Long Does a VETASSESS Skills Assessment Take to Process?

The approximate time is between 12 and 20 weeks for a full VETASSESS skills assessment to be completed. Priority processing is available at an additional fee with limited spots per day, this reduces the processing time to 10 days.


However, if there is any missing information or information in the incorrect format, the process could take longer. 

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Our VETASSESS Skills Assessment Application Process


1. 1:1 consultation with a skills assessment expert to assess your situation and answer any questions


2. Pay a small deposit. Our agents will do a eligibility assessment before you make any commitment


3. Once we get back your signed agreement and payment, it's time to get started!

4. We'll send you a customised, comprehensive document checklist for the strongest application


5. As you collect your documents, we'll be here to provide advice and recommendations


6. Our experts will complete your application (we don't make you fill the forms!)


7. We'll make sure your application is strong before we submit to the VETASSESS


8. We'll keep you updated and follow up until you get your positive result!

100% Redeemable

(T&Cs in booking link)

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Our Skills Assessment Application Process

Why Choose Skylark Migration to Help With VETASSESS Skills Assessments?

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Former-Department of Immigration 

With a former Immigration officer on our team, we have unique insight into what a strong application looks like and red flags you should avoid.

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Skilled visa success rate

Yes, every single skilled visa application of ours since 2015 has been successfully granted.

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100% Money-back guarantee

...Which is why we are confident enough to offer you 100% Money Back Guarantee - We get your visa, or you get your money back*​

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Competitive, all-inclusive fees

We are transparent with our pricing and are fiercely against charging exorbitant fees.


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Why Choose Us as Your Migration Agent for Skilled Visas?

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Get Your VETASSESS Skills Assessment Sorted Today! With Skylark Migration

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VETASSESS Skills Assessment Requirements: Who Can Apply?

Generally speaking, the categories A - B are divided based on the minimum qualification required:

Categories A and B: Bachelors degrees or higher is required
Categories C and E: Diploma qualifications or higher are required
Category D: Certificate 4 qualifications or higher is required (work experience may be used to replace this requirement

For each of these categories, relevant work experience is also required. The amount of work experience required varies based on your specific occupation, your qualification levels and the recency of your experience.

WARNING: Common mistakes we see applicants making with VETASSESS skills assessments are:

  1. Picking the wrong occupation, mainly if there’s a similar alternative being assessed by a different authority

  2. Having misaligned duties on their reference letters due to:

    • Not understanding the skill level required for the occupation

    • Not appropriately aligning with the official occupation classification (e.g. overqualified or underqualified for the occupation)


Our knowledgeable team will assist you throughout the application process, ensuring you meet all the requirements and gather the required documentation. With our expertise in navigating the intricacies of VETASSESS assessments, we'll help maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

Book your consultation with one of our senior migration agents today!

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