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Meet The Team

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Tony Truong

Principal Migration Agent & Director

(MARN: 1576409)

Born in Australia to migrant parents, he worked at Department of Immigration for a few years before deciding it was much more fun helping people get their visas instead! Multilingual, loves surfing, skiing, travelling and has a crazy zest for life. His motto is "live life to the fullest".

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Lana Zhang

Director of Marketing & HR

Serial problem solver who loves coming up with new ideas, extreme sports and throwing a good party. Glass is always half - full in her world. Life mission is to spread joy and help people. Forever grateful that her parents chose Australia 30 years ago. Constantly trying to Marie Kondo everything.


Chris Walker

Migration Consultant

After falling in love with the idea of helping reunite families at the height of our pandemic, Chris has since helped over a thousand people with their migration journey. Chris loves travelling (37+ countries), wine, and a good chat. His spirit animal is a dolphin - you can't keep him out of the ocean!


Haelee Yang

Migration Consultant

Former - lawyer in South Korea. Studied in Australia, later fell in love with an Australian and the rest is history. Graduated migration law with flying colours. This woman can do it all - baking, cooking, interior design, blogging, yoga, entrepreneur... Also has an impressive tea pot collection.


Insha Ziyad


Bright accounting graduate, with an impressive resume of awards and Big 4 internships. Born in the Maldives and migrated to Australia with her family. Eager to learn, always down to experience new things. Loves numbers, board games and camping.

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Toby Webster

Marketing Coordinator

Raised amid a diverse mix of friends from all corners of the globe, Toby developed an early passion for easing the migration process for those looking to call Australia home. Born and raised in Australia, he adores the country's laid-back vibe and unparalleled natural beauty. As the marketing coordinator at Skylark, he's the brains behind our engaging content and vibrant social media posts.


Anh Tran


With 7+ years of experience in accounting, Anh has got the financial side of things down to a T. She dreams of the beaches of Australia while providing top-notch bookkeeping at Skylark. When she isn't crunching numbers, you'll find her engrossed in a tennis match or whipping up delightful treats for her loved ones. Fun Fact: She's a proud cat mom to Cheese, Cheese Junior, and Sesame! 🐱


Sonny Nguyen

Client Liaison Officer

Having solo travelled to over 30 countries and taught across the varied terrains of Vietnam, Sonny's adventures are as colourful as they come. Immersed in the world of education, both as a teacher and consultant, Sonny now has his eyes set on guiding our clients at Skylark, with all the paperwork and applications to make the Australian dream seamless. Whether it's exploring nature with his cats, discovering local dining gems, or gaming away, Sonny balances it all.


Van Nguyen

Client Liaison Officer

From hospitality to accounting, Van brings a meticulous eye for detail to Skylark. Having studied in Melbourne, she's no stranger to the charm (and coffee!) of Australia. As our Client Liaison Officer, she's the bridge ensuring our clients feel valued and understood. Off-duty, Van showcases her culinary skills and dreams of the day she musters the courage for a thrilling skydive. ☕🪂


Walter Young

Client Liaison Officer

From tailoring travel itineraries for high-end clients across Europe and Oceania, Walter brings his impeccable taste and keen eye for detail to Skylark. Dedicated to helping and listening, he's a champion of trust-building. In his role at Skylark, Walter immerses himself in customer engagement, ensuring transparent relationships while aiding clients in achieving their migration dreams to Australia.

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Jaylene Verhaeghe

Operations Manager

Nature-lover with a huge heart. Loves playing ice-hockey and any kind of outdoor activity. Her favourite places in the world are Vancouver, and her patio. Recently followed her heart (aka partner) all the way to Australia from Canada. Still getting over the fact she has to spend Christmas in summer.


Raghav Kapoor

Registered Migration Agent

(MARN: 2117605)

Former tech guru with a big heart. Came to Australia on the 189 visa. Passed the migration course and the notorious Capstone exam with flying colours. Foodie ("butter chicken any day, hands down!"), loves Catan, recently converted from Windows to Mac, but is questioning his choices.


Rachel Nguyen

IT Business Analyst

One of the sweetest people you're likely to meet! Completed her Bachelor in Vietnam, has recently completed her Masters in Melbourne. High achiever, scholarship recipient, super organised, loves good food, new adventures, fitness fanatic, avid volunteer and the proud owner of a fluffy cat.


Shannon Dutt

Registered Migration Agent

(MARN: 1383159)

Former - Immigration lawyer that has worked in all of the top agencies (and is now with the best 😉). Expert in partner, employer and skilled visas. Migrated from New Zealand. As calm as a rock until you give her a rosé (or three) and she will metamorphose into a chatterbox.

So Wun

So Wun Chang

Registered Migration Agent

(MARN: 1790941)

Super friendly agent with a double qualification in Migration Law, expert in partner visas, family visas and PR planning. Migrated from South Korea with her family on a skilled visa. Super mum who loves planning. Give her a budget and she will have everything sorted from A to Z!


Susan Xu

Registered Migration Agent

(MARN: 1799326)

Former English Lecturer at leading universities. Migrated to Australia on her own Skilled visa 26 years ago. Especially loves handling Visitor, Student and Skilled visas. The coolest and funniest mum who can hold a debate about George Orwell anytime!

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