Meet The Team

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Tony Truong

Principal Migration Agent & Director

(MARN: 1576409)

Born in Australia to migrant parents, he worked at Department of Immigration for a few years before deciding it was much more fun helping people get their visas instead! Multilingual, loves surfing, skiing, travelling and has a crazy zest for life. His motto is "live life to the fullest".

Mancy Zhao

Registered Migration Agent

(MARN: 1796787)

Former journalism and accounting student, Mancy first came to Australia on a student visa and is now a proud Australian citizen. Endless knowledge in migration law. Quiet at first, but is actually full of hilarious one-liner jokes. Mancy loves her cat, Meatball, indie music and shopping (did someone say there's a sale?!).

Susan Xu

Registered Migration Agent

(MARN: 1799326)

Former English Lecturer at leading universities. Migrated to Australia on her own Skilled visa 26 years ago. Especially loves handling Visitor, Student and Skilled visas. The coolest and funniest mum who can hold a debate about George Orwell anytime!

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Raghav Kapoor

Client Liaison Officer

Former tech guru with a big heart. Came to Australia on the 189 visa. Recently passed the migration course and the notorious Capstone exam. Foodie ("butter chicken any day, hands down!"), loves Catan, recently converted from Windows to Mac, but is questioning his choices.

Jaimie Miao

Office Coordinator

Bachelor of Commerce student hungry to learn and take on the world. Following in his parents' footsteps, he entered into in the world of migration. Jaimie enjoys playing chess, tennis and badminton. To Mancy's delight, Jaimie recently got into horror films. On a brighter note, he is also a talented baker.

Haelee Yang

Client Liaison Officer

Former corporate lawyer in South Korea, Haelee came to Australia to chase love and a better lifestyle. Her passion for migration law grew after successfully getting her own partner visa. Enjoys designing yoga mats, making dresses for  her daughter, and baking cakes that knock your socks off!

Lana Zhang

Marketing Manager, myVisa Toolkit & Director

Entrepreneur who loves a good conversation, making websites, solving problems, Iceland, extreme sports and Ted Talks. Glass is always half - full in her world. Life mission is to spread joy and help people. Forever grateful that her parents chose Australia 30 years ago. Recently attempting to Marie Kondo-ing everything.

Yusra Niz

Project Manager

Bright - eyed and curious. Despite studying Psychology, just "can't help coming back to immigration" and is now studying Migration Law. Avid reader, with a quiet obsession with Sephora, loves experiencing new things, trying new foods (even though she is likely to end up not liking it) and all things creative.

Rachel Nguyen

IT Business Analyst

One of the sweetest people you're likely to meet! Completed her Bachelor in Vietnam, and has recently completed her Masters in Melbourne. Always up for new adventures, fitness fanatic, avid volunteer, food lover and the proud owner of the cutest furry llama! Loves Melbourne for its coffee, art & cultural events.

Jenny Lay

Client Liaison Officer

Super enthusiastic, energetic, always a ray of sunshine. Born in Australia to migrant parents, she's keen to grow a big family of her own and fulfil the Australian dream (actually has a white picket fence!). Amazing cook who never stops feeding her guests.

James Huang

Senior Financial Controller

A measured, cheerful Excel-and-number-loving millenial. The yin to the team's yang. Born in Australia to migrant parents, loves Australia most for its food, people and kangaroos. The ideal weekend for him is reading, watching sports and doing taekwondo.

Insha Ziyad


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