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"In all my years in the industry, people's attitude towards partner visas often surprise me.
Many would say to me: "I'm in a genuine relationship, I'll be alright", and provide too little evidence. Then there are others who are so anxious that they provide too many, without thinking about what case officers are actually looking for.
I don't think people realise that the refusal rate for partner visa applications lodged without a migration agent is as high as 54%! (Dpt. Immigration 2017)
Don't waste the $8 - 10k in non-refundable application fees and 1-2 years of your life on an application set up to fail. 
In the past 5 years, we've successfully helped every single one of our couples get their Partner visas. We look forward to helping you get yours!"
Tony _ Principal Agent _ Skylark Migrati
Tony Truong (MARN:1576409)
Principal migration agent
Former - Department of Immigration officer

Our Difference

Former-Department of Immigration 

We can help maximise your chance of success.

With 3 former Immigration case officers on our team, we have a unique understanding of what a strong application looks like and red flags you should avoid.

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100% Partner visa success rate

Yes, we've never had our Partner visa applications be refused.


We have a meticulous 'Skylark way' of doing things, which our team of experts with 43+ years' experience carefully follow with every application, meaning we can consistently produce positive results time and time again.


100% Money-back guarantee

You can really trust us with your migration dreams. Here's our proof and peace-of-mind guarantee to you.

If your application gets refused, we'll give you back 100% of what you've paid us for our service!

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Competitive, all-inclusive fees

We are transparent with our pricing and are fiercely against charging exorbitant fees. See our pricing >

Our fee covers the entire process. We don't charge per hour or every time you have a question. No hidden admin costs, printing unpleasant surprises!

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