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189 Visa: New Occupation Ceilings Released

Australian Immigration News

Immigration has released the occupation ceilings for the 2020-21 program year.

What do these numbers mean? How should you interpret this information? What should you be doing/not doing?

Our principal migration agent, Tony, here is to help break this news for you.

Important note before reading further:

1. These numbers only reflect the maximum number of invitations that would be made in a program year, but the number of actual invitations could vary. To better interpret this data and predict trends, we would need to see the actual invitations issued in future rounds. Invitations are on hold until October budget release.

2. Note that these occupation ceilings do not apply to the 190 Skilled Nominated, Employer Sponsored and Business Innovation and Investment visas.


What does this mean for you?

"My occupation's ceiling has dropped"

This means your occupation has become more competitive as applicants with higher points will be invited to apply. Your occupation will more likely be subject to "pro-rata" provisions if the allocated quota for your occupation is low/small. This will make it harder for you to receive an invitation and will restrict your ability to receive invitations for the 491 visa.

If you're stuck and are unable to achieve enough points for an invitation, this is a good time to consider state nomination options when information on new state nomination allocations is released.

"My occupation's ceiling has increased"

This means your occupation has become less competitive, which may make it a little easier to get an invitation.

However, your occupation will likely share the same pool of invitations with the majority of other occupations. This means that an applicant with a lower occupation ceiling will still have better chances than you if they have more points than you.

>> See here for a great article and Q&A with our GSM expert regarding state nomination programs and what you can do while waiting for quota allocations.

Still concerned about your PR pathway? Feel free to book in your free 1-to-1 consultation with one of our migration experts and get answers to your burning questions.


SkillSelect occupation ceilings for the 2020-21 program year

& change vs last year

*Occupations that are subject to pro rata arrangements. For Accountants (2211) the occupational ceiling also reflects volumes in other skilled visa categories.



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