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[Expert Tip] How To Prove 'Incentive To Return Home'

Want to get an Australian Visitor/Tourist Visa? Confused about the 'incentive to return home' criterion? Here is a clear explanation, along with some examples of how you can demonstrate it.


What is it?

The 'incentive to return home' is a key consideration assessed by the Department for visitor visa applications. Visa processing officers want to ensure applicants have a genuine intention to return to their country once their holiday/short stay is over.

What should you do?

One key indicator of an applicant's incentive to return home is their financial status. Here are two things you should do:

  1. Show you have access to adequate funds to support your stay in Australia. This amount varies depending on how much of the trip has been paid for by family and friends, but usually an amount of 5000AUD per month of stay in Australia is sufficient

  2. Demonstrate that your funds have been accumulated through a steady stream of income. An examples of this would be bank statements that show regular salary or deposits.


Know anyone wanting to come to Australia for a holiday? Share this tip with them! It could really help their visitor visa application.

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