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[Expert Tip] Skills Assessments Could Reduce Your Points Test Result

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Planning your Skilled Migration strategy? Here's an important tip when you are calculating your points for Skilled Migration.

When you apply for a skills assessment, you'll likely be using your previous years of relevant work experience to help you pass the assessment criteria. For many skills assessment (such as VETASSESS and ACS ones), you CANNOT use the same period of work experience again to claim points for general skilled migration.

Here's an example: VETASSESS may require you have 1 year of work experience to pass the assessment. If you have worked as a marketing specialist for 5 years overseas, you can only use 4 of those years to claim points as you have already used 1 of those years for the assessment. Therefore, you can only claim 5 points (instead of 10 points) for 4 years of overseas work experience.

Make sure you check this with the assessment authority relevant to you!


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