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Want to settle down in Australia with your partner?

"I will successfully get you your
partner visa, or give your money back"

Skylark Migration | SBS Radio Interview
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You could apply for your partner visa yourself, or choose a different agent, but with us you'd get: 

100% Money Back Guarantee - get your visa or your money back

Former - Immigration visa case officers on your team

An expert team with 43+ years combined experience + 100% Partner visa success rate since 2015 

Free initial assessment with a Partner visa expert. See if you’re ready to apply, how soon you can get your visa, and get tips on how to make your application stronger!

Am I eligible? What should I do to strengthen my application? Find out during your free Partner Visa consultation

( Hurry though, there are less than 2 months before upcoming November changes! )

(Bonus: You’ll get a free eBook with top tips from our principal agent and former - Immigration Officer even if you do not use our services)

As featured on SBS Radio
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"When I was preparing to apply for a partner visa, I spoke to several migration agents. Many gave conflicting or cursory advice. Several never responded to enquiries. Others told me my situation was simply ‘too hard’ or ‘too unusual’...The experience was frustrating.

The moment I made contact with the Skylark team, that changed. My partner and I first spoke to Tony, the Principal Migration Agent, who immediately saw work-arounds for the alleged difficulties which other agencies had cited. He was abundantly knowledgeable, generous with his knowledge, a good listener and keen to get the details right. My partner and I felt that – far from being just ‘part of the job’ – we were being treated as real people with a real story. It was an uplifting and encouraging experience.

When it came to submitting the application, we expected to be waiting for up to two years before learning the outcome. In fact, the decision came through in a matter of just a few months – we had been granted the visa!

I deal with businesses and service providers every day...Tony’s team at Skylark are exceptional. Their commitment to their clients, their corporate values, and their sense of decency raise them head and shoulders above their competitors. They provide honest, clear and practical advice and services.

I want to end by recommending Skylark in no uncertain terms. They are superb."

- Brian & Edwina

Come experience the difference for yourself

Free consultation

"I was a case officer myself"

I've handled hundreds of applications, and investigated dozens of migration fraud cases. That’s how I know what immigration officers look for, which applications are typically granted and which are refused.

It's been 5 years since I became a migration agent, and we’ve NEVER had a Partner visa application refused.

Principal Migration Agent & Director 

(MARN: 1576409)

Former Visa Processing Officer
Australian Border Force
Department of Immigration and Border Protection

(2012 - 2015)

Tony _ Principal Agent _ Skylark Migrati

2 Reasons to apply before November 2021

There are 2 upcoming changes to partner visas:


1. Longer, more expensive process: Starting in November, the partner visa process is becoming a two-stage application. Sponsors will need to apply separately and be approved before the applicant can apply. This will likely make the process more expensive and difficult. This new, separate sponsorship application would likely cost around $420 and may take around 4 -12 weeks to process (similar to the sponsorship application for 870 Parent visas).

2. Stricter requirements: From November onwards, all applicants have to PROVE their English fluency with either IELTS or 500 hours of English lessons in order to get the permanent visa. Sponsors who aren’t Australian citizens will also have to prove English fluency.

Bottom line: You could get your visa much faster if you apply before now.  After November you’re looking at a much more expensive and complicated process.

Could I apply before November? Find out in your free consultation

( Hurry though, there are less than 2 months left to lodge! )

100s of 5 star & positive reviews

100+ 5 Star Reviews
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