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[NEWS] The 8 Key Changes To 457 Visa & Skilled Migration

Australian Immigration News

Since the sweeping changes to the hugely popular 457 visa was announced, a wave of information have been been released on government websites, news sites...even Malcom Turnbull's Facebook page!

Here's a summary of the 8 key changes and how it affects you.


Change #1: 5 visa types affected

  • 457 Temporary Work

  • 190 Skilled Nominated

  • 186 ENS

  • 485 Post Study Stream

  • 489 State Sponsored

Change #2: Certain visa types not affected

  • 189 Skilled Independent

  • 485 Graduate Work Stream

  • 489 Family Sponsored

Change #3: Occupation lists changed

CSOL (the occupation list used for 457, ENS, 190 and 489 state spon. visas) is replaced by the STSOL. The SOL (used for 189, 485, 489 family spons.) is replaced by MLTSSL

Change #4: Over 200 eligible occupations removed

Over 200 eligible occupations have been removed from the STSOL. The MLTSSL has remained the same as SOL.

Occupations removed include: Market Research Analyst, ICT Support Technician, Electronic Engineering Technician, Human Resource Adviser

Change #5. Visa length shortened

  • MLTSSL occupations: 4 years

  • STSOL occupations: 2 years

Change #6. PR is no longer available for every occupation

Currently, the TRT stream of the 186 (ENS) visa provides a natural transition to PR for all 457 visa holders. Now, only the MLTSSL occupations are eligible for the TRT steam.

Change #7: Stricter requirements

  • Minimum salary

  • Work experience

  • English proficiency

  • Sponsor requirements

Change #8. Restricted visa pathways for certain occupations

  • 16 of the MLTSSL occupations cannot be used for state and employer sponsored visas.

  • 24 of the STSOL occupations are restricted to 'regional' (RSMS, 489), and 186 visas


This round of changes is one of the biggest to 457 and skilled migration! If you are feeling overwhelmed, feel free to book in a 100% free 1-to-1 chat with our principal migration agent about your situation. We can tell you exactly what this all means for you!

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