[NEWS] New School Fees For SA 457 Visa Holders

South Australian 457 visa holders may now need to pay an annual public education contribution fee.

Who: South Australian 457 visa holders with children attending public school, where total family gross income exceeds $57,000*

What: Newly arriving 457 visa holders are required to contribute to the cost of educating their children in government schools

When: Now in place for all SouthAustralian 457 visa holders who arrived on/after 1 January 2017. This will extend to ALL South Australian 457 visa holders as of 1 January, 2018.

How Much: Currently, this fee is $5,100/year for a primary school student and $6,100/year for a high school student. Each younger sibling would attract a 10% discount.

*Note, a means-test is in place so that the full contribution is NOT payable until gross family income reaches:

  • $77k for a family with 1 child attending government school

  • $87k for a family with 2 children attending government school

  • $97k for a family with 3 children attending government school

For further details: https://www.decd.sa.gov.au/…/net691/f/schoolfees_457visa.pdf

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