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[Expert Tip] 4 Things You Must Include in Your Partner Visa Application

4 Things Partner Visa Applications Must Include [Expert Tip]

"Is my partner visa application good enough?" "What kind of documents do I need to provide?"

The biggest secret behind a successful partner visa is to realise that visa processing offers are sceptical. Your job is to convince them that you are in a real relationship, with hard evidence. Previously, we explained the 4 key criteria you must demonstrate that you meet. This time, will give you some clear examples.


The official documents the Department of Immigration suggest you to include can be found here.

While this forms a good basis, there are a few key documents NOT on this list that will help you greatly increase your chance of success.

Financial Aspects:

  • Joint bank account statements. It's a good idea to comb through your bank statements and highlight everything that is relevant to your relationship, e.g. transaction history for presents you have bought for each other

Nature of Household:

  • Documents in both of your names. Household bills are one example of this, but you should include other types if available. Think wedding invitations, flight tickets and drivers' licences

Social Context:

  • Photos with your family and your friends. Often people only think to include photos of the two of them. Photos of the two of you with your family and friends at outings and formal events (e.g. weddings, birthdays) are even better!

Nature of Commitment

  • Call logs. Showing that you frequently call or text each other and providing photos of your call logs during different stages of your relationship is a candid way to prove that you are in a genuine relationship


Feel free to book in a free consultation to discuss your situation and get a former-Immigration Officer's view on your application.

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