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[Expert Tip] New Occupation Lists Released

New Occupation Lists to Apply for Australian Skilled Migration Visa

The new occupation lists have just been released! Here is a summary of all the occupations affected and what it means for you.


When: These changes are in effect as of today

What Does This Mean For Me?

If your occupation has been:

  1. Added to the STSOL: Congratulations, you can now apply for certain skilled migration visas

  2. Removed: You can no longer apply for any skilled migration visas

  3. Moved from STSOL to MLTSSL: Congratulations, you now have additional options for PR!

  4. Has its caveats changed: You now need to meet different/new criteria to be eligible

showing you exactly which visas your occupation is eligible for

What Are The Changes?

3 occupations added to the STSOL:

  • 612112 Property Manager

  • 272314 Psychotherapist

  • 612115 Real Estate Representative

2 occupations removed:

  • 312112 Building Associate

  • 142114 Hair or Beauty Salon Manager

2 occupations moved from STSOL to MTLSSL:

  • 121316 Horse Breeder

  • 224711 Management Consultant

6 occupations with caveat-only changes:

  • 141999 Accommodation and hospitality managers nec

  • 221112 Management accountant

  • 411611 Massage therapist

  • 223112 Recruitment consultant

  • 133611 Supply and distribution manager

  • 221113 Taxation accountant


(18/01 Update: Please note, we do not recommend using Department of Home Affair's 'Combined current list of eligible skilled occupations' as we have found several errors, particularly pertaining to the occupations affected by yesterday's changes.

We would recommend either consulting Legislative Instruments IMMI 18/004, 18/005, 18/006, 18/007 and 17/058, or alternatively, we have combined all the lists into 1 simplified, easy-to-understand comparison table. The information has been taken directly from the legislative instruments. Here's the link to our comparison table.)


Have lots of questions? Worried about what this means for your PR? Have a chat with our principal migration agent and former-Immigration Officer! Book in a FREE 1-to-1 consultation and get clarity on your pathway to PR today!

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