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[Expert Tip] 1st July New Fees Comparison Table

New Australian Visa Application Charges

From 1st July, most (but not all!) visa application charges will be increasing in line with inflation. The actual legislation is quite hard to understand ("118 Subitem 1137(4E) of Schedule 1 (table item 2) Omit “$367”, substitute “$375” 😳), so we have helped you prepare a summary comparison table for the common visa subclasses. We have also listed every visa subclass where the VACs will remain the same.


Comparison table: Visa application charge changes for common visa types:


Which VACs will stay the same?

Bridging visas: All bridging visa VACs will stay the same

Temporary visas:

773 Border 160 Business Owner (Provisional) 161 Senior Executive (Provisional) 162 Investor (Provisional) 163 State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional) 164 State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional) 165 State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional) 995 Diplomatic (Temporary) 601 Electronic Travel Authority 820 Partner 676 Tourist 651 eVisitor 444 Special Category 309 Partner (Provisional) 449 Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) 786 Humanitarian Concern (Temporary) 771 Transit 417 Working Holiday 988 Maritime Crew

Protection, Refugee and Humanitarian visas:

866 Protection 785 Temporary Protection 790 Safe Haven Enterprise

Permanent visas:

851 Resolution of Status 800 Territorial Asylum 852 Referred Stay (Permanent)

If your visa type is not on this list, the VAC will be increasing 1st July 2018.

Department of Home Affairs will have updated their fees page by 1st July, you will be able to find more information here:


Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us and speak with a migration expert today!

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