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[NEWS] General Skilled Migration Increasing to 65 Points!

Australian Immigration News

As of this morning, new legislation was passed that is directly affecting people's permanent residency plans. Here's our easy-to-read break down of this news.


WHEN: This Sunday, 1 July 2018

WHAT: Currently, the pool and pass mark for 189, 190 and 489 visas is 60. From 1 July 2018, invitations can only be issued to applicants scoring 65 points or higher.


If you do not receive your invitation before 1 July 2018, you won't be able to apply for PR with only 60 points.

Many people on 50-55 points may be relying on state nomination to give them the additional points to meet the 60 point requirement. Unfortunately, this alone is no longer enough. You will need the following scores excluding nomination points prior to submitting your EOI/visa:

  • 189 Skilled Independent visa - 65 points

  • 190 Skilled Nominated visa - 60 points

  • 489 Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa - 55 points


Focus on the controllable factors and start acting today.
  1. Lodge now! If you are eligible for state nomination at exactly 60 points, lodge your EOI and State Nomination applications ASAP and contact the relevant state government to plead your case. Given the potential influx, this may or may not work but you won't know until you've tried.

  2. Start making plans ASAP! Do you need to get more experience? Brush up on your English? Get more work experience? You should start identifying what your options are before you run out of time on your current visa.

  3. Book in your PR Strategy Seession. We can help you identify all your different pathways to PR here at Skylark Migration. Take a look at our PR Strategy Session where you can get your own customised migration plan!


Link to the explanatory statement for the legislation here:

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