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[NEWS] Regional Plans for Sydney & Melbourne Migrants

Australian Immigration News

"I can't get PR in Melbourne or Sydney anymore"??

Over the last few days, particularly following on from the interviews with Alan Tudge and Scott Morrison, we have been getting a few phone calls from our clients worried about their PR hopes in Melbourne and Sydney.

Here's a summary of what we know and also some tips from our migration experts.



☑️ Yes, there has been talk and discussion by Morrison government (namely, Alan Tudge and Scott Morrison) around infrastructure not keeping up with booming population growth in major capitals such as Melbourne and Sydney. They are now looking at plans to both improve infrastructure AND also more effectively distribute migrant population.

❎ No, there have been no decisions made yet on this matter. No legislation changes that says you cannot get PR or citizenship if you are in Melbourne or Sydney.

Here's a link to the speech made by Alan Tudge which is as much official information as there is currently on this matter:

In his statement, there are only two statements with any clear indication to plans:

  1. "We are working on measures to have more new arrivals go to the smaller states and regions and require them to be there for at least a few years."

  2. "...25 per cent of our annual migration intake is directly related to an employer sponsoring a person for a job where they cannot get an Australian. We do not want to jeopardise the growth of those sponsoring businesses, and hence the wealth of our nation...A further 30 per cent concerns family reunion; typically, an Aussie marrying a foreigner. We cannot send a person's spouse to a different state!"



If you are relying on state nomination, particularly for NSW and VIC, there may be upcoming changes that might affect your migration plans. However, you should not make big decisions without official information being released by the government. You shouldn't look at renting interstate, enrolling your children in schools, etc., based on speculation alone.

Having that said, you need to anticipate these potential changes and have a well-researched strategy that covers a range of different PR pathways. This way, if one pathway closes, you still have others available.

For example, instead of only considering the 189, have you considered the 190 or 489 pathways, particularly for the "smaller" states which the Morrison government seems to favour? Studying and living in a regional area not only gives you an additional 5-10 points towards your skilled migration points test, it also gives you the benefit of having access to more eligible occupations. Employer sponsorship is also another pathway you could consider.


If you have more questions around how this affects you, speak with one of our migration experts and start effectively strategising your PR today!


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