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Skills Assessment Requirements For 485 Visas

It's that time of year again - exams, graduations, Christmas holidays...time to apply for your 485 visa application!

If you are applying for the Graduate Work Stream of the 485 visa, you are required to have your skills "assessed by a relevant assessing authority as suitable for your nominated skilled occupation ('suitable skills assessment')".

You should note that some authorities offer a 'provisional'/'qualification-only' skills assessment specifically for 485 visas. These assessments will have lower requirements than the full skills assessment and would not require work experience in most cases.

We know some skills assessment authority websites can be very hard to navigate. Don't know where to find the requirements for your occupation? Don't know if a provisional option even exists for your occupation? Lucky you! We have taken many hours to create this handy table for you!

The table below provides you with a direct link to the provisional skills assessment page, where it exists, for your assessment authority. If there is a * next to the name of your assessment authority, this means that a provisional option does not exist, and there is only the option for full skills assessment. You may also use full skills assessments for the purposes of a 485 visa application.


Eligible 485 Graduate Work Stream Occupations & Direct Links to Provisional Skills Assessment Requirements


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