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[NEWS] State Nomination Update: ACT

Australian Immigration News

ACT has recently announced that their state nomination program will reopen on the 29th November, 2018. Today's blog provides a summary of: 1) what we know and 2) what is still to be announced.


What we know so far:

1. The ACT state nomination program will re-open on 29 November 2018

2. The program will continue to be focused on 'in-demand' occupations as determined by the needs of the ACT government

3. A new process will be in place for determining who gets invited:

  • The new process of inviting applicants to apply will be somewhat similar to the Skilled Migration Points Test; a points-based system that allocates points based on candidate profiles and allocates additional points to desired factors. These factors will be different to Immigration's points test and will be more specific to the needs and priorities of the ACT government.

  • It will prioritise applicants based on a number of factors such as: previous residence and other ties to the ACT, English proficiency, having a job offer in the ACT, etc.

  • Potential applicants that were close to qualifying for nomination before the partial suspension of the program in June 2018 may be awarded additional points under the new program to assist with eligibility. This measure will apply for the remainder of the financial year.

What still needs to be announced:

1. Details on how the merit-based assessment system will work, such as factors to be assessed, points allocation, eligibility cutoff, etc

2. Whether the points will be a cut-off system (where you cannot apply unless you meet the points), or a prioritisation system (similar to the NSW's program)

3. What the transitional arrangements will look like


We will be providing updates as more information becomes available. We know this is an anxious time for you, and that in times like these, you want solid advice that you can put into practice. We will be able to provide expert tips for you once more details have been announced.

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