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Debriefing Canberra 1st Round Invitation

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Just before Christmas, Canberra released their first round of invitations. 93 invitations given at 85 - 130 points...What does that mean for you and your PR? Here's a debrief with some advice from our migration agents.


Skylark Migration | 2 Jan Blog | Canberra Matrix First Round Invitation

In our experience, for most people, 85 points is quite high. Here are two common customer profiles, with their points scores on the Matrix, to give you an idea of why most people would not qualify for this cutoff.

Sample customer profile #1:

- Moved to Canberra to live and study for 1 year

- Have been working for at least 6 months, but not in the nominated occupation, nor in an occupation on the 'open list'

- Has a partner

- Would score 55 points (please see breakdown below)

Sample customer profile #2:

- Same as customer 1, but with a partner who has a positive skills assessment and proficient English

- Would score 70 points (please see breakdown below)

Debriefing Canberra 1st Round Invitation 2019

Our Expert Opinion:

The points cut-off is rather high right now. However, there is a chance that the cut-off for this round was inflated by the backlog of long-term Canberra residents with occupations on the 'closed' list applying in December. The results in January will give better indication of any potential drops for the cut off.

For the rest of the financial year, there are 500 allocations left. Given that this month there were 93 invitations, if there is a drop in the cut-off, it's unlikely to be significant.

Overall, it seems that many people will not meet the cut-off required for ACT nomination. This invitation round suggests that people who have previously studied a degree in Canberra will have an edge. If you don't think you'll reach around 85 points on the Canberra Matrix, please reach out so we can analyse your situation with you and start identifying some other potential options for you.


We understand that getting to PR can be really difficult, especially when states make the barriers so high. We can help you devise a personalised step-by-step plan to work out how to get from HERE all the way to PR! We've helped hundreds of people just like you identify their pathways. Let our experienced migration agents and former-Immigration officer help you!

For more information on the new occupation list, new requirements or Canberra Matrix factors, please see recent post here.


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