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Navigating the Recent Changes in Australian Partner Visa Applications: What You Need to Know

The path to joining your partner in Australia has seen some significant shifts in 2023. The Australian Partner Visa, a popular route for spouses and de facto partners of Australian citizens and permanent residents, has undergone various changes. In this article, we break down these changes to help you navigate the updated application process successfully.

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Recent Changes to Partner Visa Applications:

1. Shift to a Demand-Driven Arrangement: The Australian Government announced that Partner Visa granting arrangements would move to a more demand-driven basis, affecting how these visas are processed and delivered​​.

A see-saw where demand outweighs supply

2. Sponsorship Approval Required Before Application: One of the notable changes is the requirement for partner visa sponsors to be approved first before applicants can lodge their applications. This change aims to ensure more diligent scrutiny of the sponsorship aspect of the visa process​​​​.

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3. Introduction of English Language Requirements: Another significant change is the introduction of English language requirements for permanent resident sponsors and Partner Visa applicants. This requirement is part of the reforms to strengthen the integration outcomes of the Partner program​​​​.

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Application Process Considerations:

The Partner Visa application process remains a two-step procedure involving both the applicant and the sponsor. However, with the new changes being introduced, the approval of a sponsor can take a while, impacting the overall timeline of the visa process​​​​.

Tips for a Successful Partner Visa Application:

  • Stay informed about the latest processing times and procedural adjustments.

  • Prepare comprehensive and well-organized evidence to support your relationship.

  • If needed, start preparing for the English language requirements.

  • Consider seeking assistance from registered migration agents like us!

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