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[Expert Tip] 3 Ways to Halve the Stress When Applying for Visas

3 Ways to Halve the Stress When Applying for Visas [Expert Tip]

Let's be honest, applying for visas can be a pain! The process can be complex, the questions can be confusing, it's important and expensive.

Here are 3 things we do at Skylark that halves our stress when managing our clients' applications. Follow these steps and the experience will become a whole lot more enjoyable for you!


Tip #1: Start early

Some visas can be really long (many with hundreds of questions!). Allow yourself enough time to collect personal information, certifications and travel history. In terms of preparation time, here's a general rule of thumb for the popular visa types:

  • Temporary Graduate visas - 2 weeks

  • Partner and Skilled Migration (assuming you've passed your skills assessment already) visas - 1 month

Tip #2: Plan, then start

Resist the urge to dive into your application form! Without adequate preparation, you will likely become overwhelmed.

Here's our recommended process:

  1. Check your eligibility

  2. Have a document checklist

  3. Collect documents, start with documents that require certification or application (e.g. police checks)

  4. Check off against your document checklist as you go

  5. Start your application when most documents are ready

Tip #3: Double check everything

Considering the fees you are paying are non-refundable, make sure you double-check it before you submit. Check that there are no mistakes, especially your passport number, and that all the supporting documents are attached. It's also a good idea to also save a PDF copy of your application summary.


We can help! Here at Skylark Migration, we can help you take care of your entire application from start to finish. Book in a FREE 1-to-1 consultation today!


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