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[Expert Tip] 6 Reasons Why Australian PR Is Worth It

6 Reasons Why Australian PR Is Worth It [Expert Tip]

Sometimes the difficult process of getting to PR can make you lose sight of what you are fighting for. Here's a bit of hump day motivation!


1. High quality of life

The rankings says it all: #2 in the world for the Highest Quality of Life, home to 3 of the 10 Most Liveable Cities and #1 most liveable city for 6 consecutive years.

2. High quality of education

Australia is ranked #7 in the OECD World Education Rankings and is the 3rd most popular international student destination.

3. Welfare benefits

Australia offers generous welfare benefits including: unemployment support, free healthcare, disability allowance, pension, youth allowance...the list goes on.

4. Personal security

Australia has low crime rates and is one of the 20 safest countries the world.

5. Career opportunities

Being one of the strongest economies in the world, with low unemployment rates and high skill shortages, Australia is a land of opportunity.

6. Lifestyle

Australians are famous for their laid-back lifestyle; work-life balance is very important, and striking up conversation with a stranger is completely normal.


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