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All the Costs Involved in Getting an Australian Partner Visa

All the Costs Involved in Getting an Australian Partner Visa_Skylark Migration

When you set out to apply for a partner visa, are you eager to know all the costs involved in the process, but have not been able to find a specific and comprehensive list to help you work out what and how much you will need to spend on the process of getting a partner visa?

Here is the blog for you! We have figured out a detailed list of your likely expenses, and we are here to help you complete your partner visa application more efficiently and effectively!

1. Basic Application Fee

Visa subclass

Base application charge

Dependent Children above 18

Dependent Children under 18










We have only listed the fees for the most common situations. Please visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs for the full details.

2. Professional Services from Migration Agents or Lawyers

To help those wanting to start their migration journey and are looking for the appropriate migration agent, we have compiled a list of average migration agent fees in Australia from 2019 to 2020 to give you a clearer picture of what you are looking for.

Here at Skylark Migration, we are committed to providing competitive prices and a 100% Money Back Guarantee to help applicants make their migration journey easy and enjoyable.

The Department of Home Affairs has also used our blogs in their research and recommendations (we are mentioned at the bottom of p57) to discuss the advantages or disadvantages of having published fees. We have published all our fees on our website as proof of our commitment.

3. Credit Card Surcharges

According to the Department of Home Affairs, the current surcharge rates are:

  • American Express — 1.40%

  • Diners Club International — 1.99%

  • JCB — 1.40%

  • Mastercard* — 1.40%

  • PayPal — 1.01%

  • Union Pay — 1.90%

  • Visa* — 1.40%

* The surcharge will also apply to Debit Visa cards and Debit Mastercards when making payments.

4. Translation of Documents (if required)

NAATI translation cost is hard to estimate as it depends on the number of pages/length of the documents. It usually costs $50 - $100 per page. For more detailed information, please visit NAATI's official website.


If you are applying from offshore (outside Australia), you DO NOT have to use NAATI translators, which will likely make the translation cost cheaper. We recommend that you use professional translation services from your home country if it can help you save on cost.

5. Health Examinations

For most Partner visa applications, you'll likely need to undertake the medical examination and the chest x-ray. This currently costs $345.10 (as of the publication date).

You may need to undertake additional procedures for the health examination depending on your circumstances. Please refer to Bupa Immigration Health Examination Fees for a full list of fees.

6. Police Clearance Certificates

For applicants who have lived offshore, you will need to obtain a police clearance certificate from countries where you have lived for at least 12 months in the last 10 years.

For applicants who have lived onshore, and will stay in Australia for at least 12 months in the last 10 years by the time the Partner visa application is processed, you will need to complete the National Police Check from the Australian Federal Police. This currently costs $42 (as of the publication date).

In addition to these relatively fixed costs, you may also need to consider other costs that may be incurred (for your reference only):

7. Flight to Australia

8. Health Insurance

Once you apply for the Partner visa, you are eligible for Medicare, therefore you may not need health insurance.

Note: Not everything is covered by Medicare.

9. Costs of Living

If you are arriving from outside Australia, you might need to consider where to live, and we highly recommend that you research how much it cost to live in Australia, and where you want to live before you arrive.

10. School Fees for Children (if required)

It depends on the state, and each state has different requirements. Most states provide discounted fees for children of Partner visa applicants. Please visit the individual state's Department of Education website for more information about schooling costs.


Here at Skylark Migration, we are experts at partner visas. Our former-Immigration case officers have personally approved and rejected Partner visa applications, so they know this visa type inside out.

Need proof? We've had 100% success rate on every Partner visa we've ever lodged since 2015! We look forward to helping you with your migration journey!

For a total peace-of-mind, have a chat with one of our experts today 👇


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