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Australian Borders are Reopening on 21st February 2022: 4 Things to Consider Before You Travel

This is the biggest news since the start of the pandemic! Australia is reopening its borders, and in over a week's time, almost everyone (even tourists) can come back to Australia.

Time to plan a real holiday, soak up some Australian sun, feel the sand under your feet, start a new chapter, chance to see your loved ones again, or simply come home 🥳

Here are 4 quick things you must know before travelling.


So, can I go to Australia now?

If you haven't seen the recent viral news about Novak Djokovic, Australia is very strict with vaccination requirements.

So YES you can now enter Australia without a travel exemption, as long as you:

  • Hold any Australian visa, including visitor visa and Bridging visa B

  • Are fully vaccinated

International students and skilled workers were already able to start entering the country without exemptions from 15 December 2021, but this latest development now extends to Visitor visa and Bridging visa holders who had missed out at the end of 2021.

Until recently, most visitors had to apply for a travel exemption first.

4 Things to Consider Before You Travel

  1. Australian border requirements. You still need to meet entry requirements. This includes:

    1. Proof of vaccination

    2. Australian Travel Declaration; and

    3. Pre-departure Covid-19 test among others

  2. State border requirements. Some states have additional quarantine and vaccination requirements. Please check with your state's health departments before making your travel arrangements. Here is a handy COVID-19 Restriction Checker tool, simply select your relevant state on the top left.

  3. Government vaccine requirements. Not all vaccines are recognised in Australia. Here is an up-to-date list of the approved vaccines:

  4. Some airlines have specific vaccination requirements. Please check with your airline first.

We wish you all the best with your travel to Australia. See you soon!


Want to come to Australia but don't have a visa yet?

Need help planning your pathway to settling down in Australia for good?

Book a free consultation so we can help you discover the best way to make this happen 👇




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