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Australian Migration FAQs

Have a question about Australian visas, processing times, state nominations, how to get PR...? Our expert team is here to answer your questions.

Simply comment below with any questions you have, and our expert migration agents will answer your questions 👇


Hi. Iam an African and needs help, have just got an offer letter with one of the international NGOs in Australia through the TSS Subclass 482. In processing my GTE regional clearance assessment &TSS Subclass 482 priority work permit authorization, I have received letter from Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to pay $482 through the DFAT coordinator in Gambia not through government agencies which I felt sceptical to understand.

  1. I therefore will like to enquire on whom between employee and employer should be covering such fee.

  2. And if its authentic to be paying through an individual who claims to be DFAT coordinator/ABF case officer, my GTE regional clearance assessment &TSS Subclass 482 priority work permit authorization fee.


Hi, I'm looking for a job as well as visa, I'm alone I really want to improve my standards of living, please help and guideline me way to get there thanks 🙏


انا سوداني لاجئ في ليبيا تشردت كل عائلتي ولا اعرف اين هم وقمت بتقديم في المنظمة الدولية للهجرة وقمت بتقديم طلب لجوء ولم اتلقى اي رد هل يمكنكم مساعدتي للجؤ لدولة امنة واريد المساعدة


If I want a Visa sponsorship what can I do please help


Hi, My brother is planning to apply for Skilled migration through his wife as my brother is over 45 years. we have couple of questions : it would be helpful if you can answer couple of questions we have

1) Is tax records mandatory for VETASSESS assessment?

if tax records are not provided, what will be the outcome of assessment ?

2) Is tax records mandatory for PR visa application? If yes, should those be past 2 years before the filing of the visa application, or for all the years that employment is claimed for

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