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[Expert Tip] The Best Way to Get Your PR - An Expert's Summary

Best Way to Get Your PR - An Expert's Summary

For those with Australian partners or family members, the pathway to PR could be quite clear. What about for everyone else? What is the best way for international students and employees to get PR? Depending on how you define best, here is what our principal migration agent thinks.


THE CHEAPEST AND FASTEST - Skilled Independent [subclass 189]

  • Features: Direct-to-PR and does not require employer, family or state government sponsorship/nomination

  • The verdict: Provided you meet all the requirements, have an occupation on the SOL and can score at least 60 points (for most occupation types), you could get PR in as little as 4 months' time

THE EASIEST - ENS/RSMS [subclass 186/187]

  • Features: Has the lowest requirements compared to the other PR work visa options and may not require a skills assessment

  • The verdict: This is an optimal choice if you have an employer sponsor


This is only a general guide, there are 2 other work visa options and many family visa options. Each person's situation is different. If you would like an accurate recommendation for you, please feel free to book in a FREE consultation. Our principal agent will sit down with you 1-to-1, analyse your situation and give you his opinion on your best way to PR!


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