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Can I Bring My Parents to Australia Now? [COVID & Border Closures]

Australia’s borders are in the process of reopening.

Want to bring your parents to Australia within the next few months? GREAT NEWS! In 1 week's time, you can!

Department of Home Affairs have added parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens to the definition of an 'immediate family member'. Here's what it means for you!


When Can My Parents Visit?

From 1 November 2021.

Parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens have already been added to the definition of an 'immediate family member'. This means they they are exempt from the border closures, and can apply to come to Australia.

In a press conference last Friday, Scott Morrison confirmed that the changes will come into effect on 1 November 2021.


Are My Parents Eligible?

Parents and in laws of Australian permanent residents and citizens.

This includes biological parents, legal (including adoptive) parents, step-parents and parents in-law.


Which Visa Should My Parents Get?

If your parents are coming for a short visit (less than 12 months) - the Visitor visa (Subclass 600), ETA, or e-Visitor visa would be fastest and easiest to get.

If you’d like them to stay longer (3 - 5 years) - look into the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (Subclass 870).

If you’d like to help your parents move to Australia (stay permanently) - they'll need to apply for a permanent parent visa, such as the Contributory Parent visa (Subclass 143).


How Do I Get A Travel Exemption For My Parents?

Your parents can apply for a travel exemption on the Home Affairs website, here:

They should apply for the exemption immediately after lodging the visa application, and the exemption needs to be approved before your parents' visas will be processed.

When applying, you’ll need to provide evidence of your relationship, such as a birth certificate.


Are There Any Other Requirements?

Due to COVID, there are some a few other requirements for travellers coming to Australia:

  1. Government’s vaccine requirements. Not all vaccines are recognised in Australia. Your parents must be vaccinated with a recognised vaccine to travel to Australia. See here for an up-to-date list of the approved vaccines and status of other vaccines:

  2. Some airlines have specific vaccination requirements. Please check with your airline.

  3. Where are your parents traveling to? Different states and territories have different quarantine and vaccination rules. You can see up to date information here:


How Do I Bring My Parents to Australia ASAP?

Here’s a step-by-step recommendation by our migration experts:

  1. Make sure your parents passport is valid for at least 6 months

  2. Apply for the visa (see: Which Visa Should my Parents Get?)

  3. Apply for the travel exemption (see: How Do I Get a Travel Exemption for My Parents?). Note: the exemption needs to be approved before your parents' visas will be processed.

  4. Check if there are any other requirements

  5. Wait for the visa and travel exemption to be granted

  6. Your parents can now come to Australia!




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