COVID-19: English Tests at Home

With the current pandemic, some English test providers are offering an option to do "at home" English tests. These tests allow you to take your English test from the comfort of your own home.

Sounds great! Right? Unfortunately the Australian department does not recognise this as meeting the English requirement. For a list of the test results they do accept, have a look at the Home Affairs Website. So what can you do? Don't worry, to help you out in this tricky situation, here's some helpful advise from our migration experts.

"I can't book an English test because all the test centres are closed, what can I do?"

If like many others, you are unable to take your English test for your visa application, the best course of action is to book the time as early as possible (if this option is available). The department has advised that "While these services are unavailable, many applicants cannot meet visa requirements. Applicants will be given additional time to complete checks and provide the requested information."

So even though the department is not accepting at home English tests, they are acknowledging the inconveniences visa applicants are currently facing due to COVID-19, the Department is unlikely to refuse your application if this was the only requirement that you haven't yet met and you can show that you are unable to book a test.

Still unsure if your visa application will be impacted?

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