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COVID-19: Hope for Migrants, a Different Perspective

This post will be a little different from our usual blogs, but this is a different kind of time and we'd love to share some hope and positivity with you. We hope that by giving you a different perspective, it might change the way you think and, in turn, change your outcomes.


In this environment, it can sometimes feel hard for migrants to find a 'win' and to have positive thoughts. On top of the tragedies we hear from around the world, you often hear the headlines "Skilled migration places reducing", "State nomination programs closing", "Points increasing", "Migrants excluded from JobSeeker/JobKeeper"... These headlines grab your attention, trigger your stress and bring about a wave of emotions.

Yes, if you look at it from one perspective, these are indeniable truths. However, this is a picture of now. When we start broadening our horizons into the future, the picture will be different.

We don't usually like to post speculative news, however today, we want to point share some different headlines and trends.


🔹 "University of Sydney migration expert Anna Boucher said the coronavirus crisis has laid bare how reliant Australia is on migrants...Without very high net overseas migration we would not have had a budget surplus" - SBS, 1 May

🔹 "Former Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet boss Martin Parkinson urging the government to "go for broke" on skilled migration" - Sydney Morning Herald, 23 May

🔹 "Labor MP calling for a large increase in the number of partner visas issued once the country reopens" - SBS, 17 May

🔹 "International students could be allowed back into Australia as early as July with the federal government confirming it will consider an exemption to the travel ban" - SBS, 8 May

🔹 "At least 10 per cent of international students enrolled at Australian institutions are stuck overseas with the industry worth $40 billion a year to the economy" - SBS, 8 May

🔹 "Mr Tudge wants to use the fledgling Global Talent Independent program, launched in November, which aims to lure 5000 of the world's best and brightest to Australia each year with a fast-tracked permanent visa" - Sydney Morning Herald, 23 May

🔹 "Australia’s immigration program has played a key role in nearly three decades of essentially uninterrupted economic growth" - SBS, 1 May


Whilst it's true that we won't really know until it all unfolds, but there is another perspective which is that Australia's economy is struggling. The government needs to find a speedy way to economic recovery. Migration plays a significant role in economic growth. Therefore, your migration goals and the economic recovery of Australia are tied together.

Stay positive. We are here to support you. We encourage you to think of multiple possibilites when it comes to your pathway planning. Keep going, permanent residency/citizenship is worth it 💪

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thought become YOUR WORDS.

Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR

Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes YOUR HABITS

Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES

Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY”

- Mahatma Gandhi

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