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COVID-19 & Skylark Migration Update

In light of the current situation, we would like to do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 to protect you, our staff, as well as the community. We will be temporarily closing the physical office and work remotely starting this Thursday (19 March 2020).

Whilst there will be minor adjustments, please rest assured that our business remains unaffected and 100% operational.

Please rest assured that:

  1. Due to Skylark Migration’s robust processes and use of cloud and collaborative technology, there will be no delays to your applications or timelines due to these new work arrangements. We will still be able to help you lodge any visa applications and provide services without issues.

  2. You will still be able to contact us at any time during business hours from 9am to 6pm (Australian Eastern Standard time) via our range of virtual options: FaceTime, Skype video call, phone call, and emails.

  3. Your migration consultations will not be affected, and all face-to-face consultations will be converted to a phone or video consultation.

  4. We will have a central point of contact who will take note of your enquiries and we will direct an appropriate staff member to contact you on the same business day to assist you (the call back will likely appear as a private number).

  5. We will remain contactable via the following means of communication:

  • Phone – 0402 992 651

  • Email –

  • Facebook Messenger –

We thank you in advance for your patience for any inconvenience you may experience during this time. We look forward to seeing you at our office again. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with updates.

Take care and best wishes.

Skylark Migration Team

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