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COVID-19: What Happens If You've Lost Your Job?

One of the terrible side-effects of Covid-19 is being felt around Australia now - people losing their jobs. This is hard for Australian citizens and permanent residents, but is even harder for migrants who don't have access to Centrelink and can depend on their jobs for a chance at permanent residency.

So what do you do if you've lost your job? We know that this would be a very stressful time for you. Whilst we cannot give you a silver bullet to solve the problem completely, here are 2 suggestions from our HR Manager, Lana, that will hopefully be of some help.

Are you on a 482 TSS visa? Please refer to our post specific to your situation here.


#1: Help your employer understand grants they could be eligible for

If your employer can have an injection of funds, they could be in a better position to keep your position. It is likely a very stressful time for your employer too, so taking some time to read this for them and help them understand what they could be eligible for could help them help you.

This is a bit of an alternative suggestion, but often in life it pays to be the wind and not the flag, try to do everything you can to influence your situation where possible. Whether you are worried about potentially losing your job, or have already had redundancy conversations with your employer, it's worth giving this option a try. You don't really have anything to lose.

The Treasury's website has a specific section for business owners, including all the stimulus packages announced and the JobKeeper payment just announced yesterday: Also ask them to take a look at their state and local government websites, as there are also different grants available at state and regional level.


#2: Where could you look to find jobs?

In addition to the usual places like and A number of large companies have announced that they will be hiring, here are some that we are aware of.

As we are not a recruitment agency, this is based on our personal knowlwedge only to help give you a good starting point. We are not informed of the visa requirements for these roles.


  • Woolworths Group is hiring up to 20,000 new roles across Australia

  • Coles is hiring more than 5,000 casual staff across Australia

  • Aldi is advertising hundreds of jobs across Australia

Call Centres

  • Services Australia (Centrelink and Medicare) is hiring 5,000 people across Australia

  • Telstra is hiring more than 1,000 people to work in their call centres

  • Vodafone is hiring additional call centre staff in Hobart

Food Delivery

  • Apps like UberEats, Deliveroo and MenuLog are always on the look out for people to help deliver food across Australia

  • Domino's Pizza is also hiring 2,000 ‘delivery experts’


  • NSW Government is hiring 1,000 people in NSW

  • BHP will be hiring 1,500 people for short term contracts in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales

  • Mask manufacturer Med-Con is hiring 40 people in Victoria

If none of the above are suitable, the software/ICT industry and healthcare industries are currently experiencing an increase in recruitment activity. Many cleaning jobs have also become available across industries.


We sincerely wish everyone luck during this difficult time. Please feel free to send us an email at should you have any questions!


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