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Federal Budget 2021-2022: 6 Changes to the Migration Program You Need to Know

With much anticipation in the migration industry about the migration program, the 2021-22 Budget is finally here!

What changes have been announced that will affect the migration program from July 1st? What do they mean for you? Today, we breakdown all the changes and the impact they could have on you.


1. Migration Quota and Planning Levels

The migration quota for 2021-2022 will remain at 160,000, but the distribution has been changed to prioritise certain visa types. Notably there has been an increase in skilled visas overall.

Please note: these numbers are from the Australia senate official transcripts and are yet to be released officially by the government.

While the number of employer-sponsored visas will increase, the overall number of skilled migrants will remain unchanged. The government intends to reduce the quota of the global talent and business investment visas as businesses continue to express concerns about a skilled worker shortage.


2. Partner visas & Family stream

  • Sponsored Temporary Parent visas validity period will be extended by 18 months for people who are unable to enter Australia.

  • Priority will continue to be given to onshore Partner visa applicants.


3. Skilled streams

  • Priority will continue to be given to occupations on the government's PMSOL list.


4. International borders

  • Borders are expected to re-open from mid-2022.

  • International students are expected to return from late 2021 and increase in 2022.


5. Temporary visa holders

The government has implemented the following changes:

  1. Remove the existing work hour caps for Student Visa holders employed in the tourism and hospitality sector.

  2. Temporary visa holders that work or intend to work in the hospitality and tourism industry can apply for the 408 COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa. Check-out our blogpost here for more details.


6. Migrants access to Government benefits

  • Before migrants can receive welfare benefits, the government has announced a four-year waiting period.

  • This will does not impact current Permanent Residents. These government benefits will be subject to the 4 year waiting period from 2022.

People who become Permanent Residents before 2022 will receive Family Tax Benefit B right away, Carers Allowance and Family Tax Benefit A after a year, and Paid Parental Leave and Carers payments after 2 years.


Have questions? Book in for a free consultation to speak 1-to-1 with our migration experts today for that extra peace-of-mind!



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