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How to Get Australian PR in 4 Minutes

"How do I get PR in Australia? I don't have enough points 😩!"

"I'm studying <some course>, can I get PR??"

After doing thousands of PR Strategy Sessions, we find that often skilled migrants struggle when planning their own PR because: 1) they don't know where to start and 2) the information on the Immigration website oversimplifies the requirements. It makes it worse when people are guided only by what their friends or their education agent (who don't have experience in PR planning) say.

We hate seeing international students waste many years and lots of money studying the wrong course, in the wrong location for their situation, and massively reduce their chances of getting PR!

This is why we've made this short explainer video for our Skilled Migration customers - 'How To Get Australian PR in 4 Minutes'. In it, we explain everything you need to know right now. Trust us when we say, understanding the 3 FACTORS will 🚀 skyrocket your chances of getting Australian PR!

If you are still confused or worried after this video, we also offer in-depth, 30 minute 1-to-1 PR Strategy Sessions with senior migration agents. See more about this here:

We look forward to helping you secure your Australian permanent residency! Just like we did for Vishal:

"Long post but worth reading...I got my permanent residency just this Monday in 190 visa stream.

I did MBA with specialisation in marketing . I was on my student visa when this 457 visa rumours started spreading. I got panicked and before my last semester was about to end i started looking for immigration agents/lawyers

And then one of my aunt recommended me to meet Tony (skylark immigration) . And everything changed for me . First Tony suggested me to move from sydney to canberra . He did all his research and focused on one particular occupation .

There were days when I was scared that what if this occupation goes out of list , but because of his experience only he knew what he was doing and he always told me to believe in him and be patient . An immigrant goes through a lot of mood swings when applying for visas, skill assessments and permanent residency. Tony always seems to be cool as cucumber and handled all situations like a pro . In these last three years a lot of rules changed and because of him and his team’s efforts i have achieved this milestone . He always listened and replied with in 24 hours which is a very commendable job to pull off being so busy.

He helped me with my 485 visa, my skill assessments, my state nomination and finally my permanent residency.

Not to forget there are so many paperwork which he was not supposed to help but he still did like my passport application, my police checks in all three applications and my afps as well .

If you’re looking for right advice and professional to help you with your visa queries Skylark Migration is the best place to be .

I wish the whole team best of luck and thanks a lot once again .

More power to you guys 🙏🙏"


Book your in-depth, 1-to-1 PR Strategy Session and let our PR planning experts show you step-by-step how to achieve Australian permanent residency 👇



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